Eleaf iJust VV - best ever steam experience // Update 18:01 Sifft and gurgles

Eleaf iJust VV - best ever steam experience // Update 18:01 Sifft and gurgles

iJust battery carrier set for VV 18350-18650 batteries Eleaf išmoka e-cigarette (Personal Care)

Customer Review

+ Extremely aromatic, moist and well-tempered steam
+ Depending on the voltage very high steam output possible
+ With 3,7ml tank and 2600mAh battery extremely persevering
+ No Nachflussprobleme
+ Quite cheap and durable evaporator heads
+ Very high-quality appearance
+ Advanced turbocharging technology (via micro-USB)

- Sifft and gurgles occasionally (see update below 18:01.)
- Increased maintenance
Not really handy especially in the long version -
- Voltage Regulator adjusted too easily
- Charging indicator missing

I have purchased it for my wife (regular Dampferin) and me (occasional steamer) on st *** o in Gun Metal version. We already have the smaller iJust Mini out of the house and of Eleaf Joyetech the ego-c ego-cc and the joye510cc.

DIMENSIONS (even measured):
Long version:
Height (with mouthpiece): 17cm, weight (with battery and Liquid): 220g

Short version:
Height (with mouthpiece): 14cm, weight (with battery and Liquid): 185g

The assembled vapors is particularly in the long version is anything but handy. This is among other things, the high capacity of 18650 batteries (Samsung cell with 2600mAh included) and the high capacity of the tank (3,7ml) owed. However, one can reduce significantly with a few simple steps the longitudinal extent. Simply unscrew the battery cover, internal threaded sleeve rausdrehen, remove adapter, reindrehen threaded sleeve again and a (not supplied) Insert 18350 cell.

The smooth surface of the gun metal version is more prone to fingerprints, but looks (at least from our perspective) significantly more elegant than the more industrial-looking silver-gray version with a rough surface.

The gaps are all clean and the screwing of the tank and the battery cover is clean and precise of hand. The Drip-Tip is simply pressed firmly at the top of the tank. The seal prevents possible Siffen contained at this point effectively.

The Twist-tank consists externally of a Pyrex glass, which in turn has an advantage over conventional plexiglass teaches use of more aggressive liquids with them. Unscrewed he is downwards completely open which on the one hand facilitates the filling, but also carries the risk that passes through overfilling or inaccurate filling liquid in the center located air tubes.

The battery carrier has laterally a micro USB port (cable and charger included). This is probably the most comfortable of all Aufladelösungen. Be careful when inserting the battery. This has no visible +/- pole. TIP: The battery must be inserted with positive progress. Whose bearing surface is significantly narrower.
The battery support also works in passthrough mode. Say: Charging and steaming is no problem at the same time. A red glowing fire button means charging. The LED goes out after successful charging. The state of up or Endtladung is not displayed. However, an electrical protection circuit on board that protects unregulated battery against deep discharge and overcharging.

There is a detachable evaporator attachment for one of the two included evaporator cores at the top of the battery carrier. This is simply pressed into the recess provided the essay. The draw resistance can be adjusted by your little Stellschräubchen here. The corresponding air hole is also located at the evaporator top.

In addition are included both a metal and a plastic mouthpiece.

The fire button with 5-click switching on and off, as already in the Joyetech eGo models known a little shaky, but limits the function in any way. However, the voltage regulator of the fire button snaps does not surround a at the respective position. We are therefore already happened, that we have moved into the way the (pants) -Tasche without our conscious intervention the voltage. The Mini iJust contrast here has a clean einrastendes turning wheel.

First, we were less than enthusiastic. Because initially began a good piece to approximately every 2-3days to siffen strong without notice between threaded attachment of the battery carrier and the tank part. Even the steam bubbling device at the time very often. On closer inspection I noticed that between the evaporator and the top tank part only a very thin silicone gasket is fitted, which obviously does not protect completely against Siff outwards. Thus, it was just a matter of time until liquid is forced through minimum clearances to the outside.

On opening, it also turned out that liquid collected at two bearing surfaces of the tank and evaporator essay and to the air tube from the tank. However, the evaporator head itself facilitated well by its long chopsticks construction that it fills the time with too much liquid.

Solution: After each filling a (kitchens) -Tuch the two contact surfaces of liquid free. Also around the air tubes of the tank like accumulates Liquid (here simply dab). In addition, "shake" I still in the battery carrier evaporator head by a jerky movement of the hand down on the tea towel to remove excess liquid from the evaporator head. Since then (detected over 2 weeks ago) we have neither Siff still bubbling with struggling.

In addition, I recommend to remove every time the mouthpiece so that you can ask (eg table) her tank clean part on a fairly flat plane. For then you can fill the tank more accurately and thus gets more into Liquid (to top of air pipe)

In order to evaporate the evaporator core is first a low voltage recommended. Even at 3.3 volts of vapor emissions is considerable. This will of course increase again later in the higher voltage range. Naturally very frequent puffing increases Gerätetemparatur and thus also the vapor. If you do not overdo it, the steam remains very pleasant temperature.

The Liquidnachfluss can be described as excellent in this model. This is particularly noticeable by a tremendously moist, supple and not too warm steam. Kokeln knows not this evaporator to our now four-week experience. Since the steam experience with the included 1.8 Ohm evaporator head is still very good, no change was necessary so far (another 1.6 ohm evaporator head lay our order with).

Better than all other devices described above in our collection, it understands the iJust VV to develop a taste very intense aroma, which is rather the domain of Selbstwickler evaporator is otherwise vobehalten. Combined with the very high steam arises for us here clearly the best ever steam experience with an exchange evaporator.

Due to the large tanks we come in medium to heavy usage to approximately one and a half to two days to refill without Liquid. Certainly, the battery would last even longer - at least at this time we invite but after. However, we now use due to the handling described above, a significantly better battery with 800mAh 18350er. The capacity here is enough for us just for a Dampftag.

Due to the extremely tasty and soft steam of iJust VV, all other devices used to date one of us here in the cold. The mini iJust is slightly drier in the steam, the ego-cc and joye510cc have in flavor and amount of steam in the cold.

Those who shy away regular short maintenance and a slim design preference, is not with this device certainly happy. However, at least in the handling of the compact version to be called quite enjoyable.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

UPDATE 18:01: quite siff- and gluckerfrei you do not get it, unfortunately, with the above-mentioned proposals. Every few days there and then return to problems. A colleague of mine has bought The same model and also struggling with Siff and gurgle -> write-down to 3 points

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