Elegant and timeless design with high-quality processing and the special extra

Elegant and timeless design with high-quality processing and the special extra

MacBook Air 13 "Sleeve HAMPSHIRE Anthracite / Dark Brown - 100% merino wool felt and pure vegetable tanned leather - Hand made in Germany, Hamburg

Customer Review

Looking for a bag for Macbook, which is both durable, and very classy and 'different' looks and offers additional space for additional accessories or leaves, I came across Pack & Smooch. It stands out that is clear from the other boring default cases from 'both in appearance and in the functionality. The Pack & Smooch sleeves are handmade in Hamburg from high quality materials and offers a real alternative to the cases known manufacturers.

1. Optics
The noble pocket of dark felt is visually a very nice contrast to the Macbook Air and the aluminum look. The chic appearance is decisively influenced by the materials. Felt and leather feel really great on the skin and lift the bag of ordinary Sleeves significantly. Individuality is very important here. Since the sleeve is made of natural materials and is handmade, you always get a unique copy.
The pieces of felt and leather are engaged cleanly cut and assembled. There are no protruding threads or similar. In the leather of the noble-looking lettering 'Pack & Smooch' is integrated. The two push buttons which make keeping closed the bag a very high-quality impression and can open and close.

2. fit
There is an additional smaller pocket on the front. In the 34x17 cm large storage space can accommodate all sorts of odds and ends, such as charger, pens, cell phone, headphones and chocolate. This is possible because felt is an elastic material and can thus expand to a certain degree and also comes back again to its original shape. So even stronger kinking of the bag are not a problem.
The MacBook Air slips by itself into his pocket and placed there precisely, although it is possible sometimes additionally into it grab 30 A4 pages of notes. Perfect to take only this bag to work and still have the basics here. A laptop backpack it does not replace but of course. Since the felt hugs the surface of MacBooks, it acts as a cleaning cloth and let the laptop always clean from the pocket.

3. haptics
The leather handle at the bottom is the transportation is very convenient and cool in his hand. The felt clings to the skin and gives a pleasant soft feel. The bag feels so at all points very pleasant and noble to 'just like a real designer piece. And so also looks so.
Weighing 290 g, it increases the overall weight of the MacBook Airs do not really noticeably.

4. Protection
The felt has a thickness of about 4 mm. In order for the MacBook Air survived shocks notwithstanding, at higher drops from one meter and more could but with an unfavorable revenue incurred a dent. A 100% fall protection is of course guaranteed in any case.

The sleeve protects very well by the felt against splashes. So droplets remain on the surface and do not pull as quickly into the material. The surface can then be cleaned easily with a dry cloth. Thus, the liquid can not penetrate to the MacBook. If the felt dirty, you can gently clean it by hand and mild detergent. A

The pocket surrounds the MacBook Air from all sides, providing an almost complete protection, only two small holes at the bottom of the page of the sleeves could be dirt get to the MacBook.

The fear that the MacBook would be littered with the removal from the pocket with fluff and one would always first clean it has not been confirmed. Only the first few Use lint were available, but this has placed on the further use immediately. Lint are therefore not a problem.

I find the use of snaps, instead of a zipper very good. It sees this as much more noble from, can be easily and quickly opened and there is no danger that the zipper scratches on MacBook and so causes unpleasant signs of wear on the side of the laptop.

5. Additional applications
The sleeve has an additional function, which I want to mention here. When using the MacBook on the road and has no table available, such as on the train, so you can use the shell as simply backing. You put the shell with the front on the legs and the laptop on the envelope. They stabilized the MacBook while working and protects against heat.

A handy feature would be a port for an optional carrying strap to freehand to transport the sleeve to the shoulder. So you always have to reserve for a hand bag.

6. Conclusion
Who would not go with the flow and its MacBook still want to give that special extra, should time squinting at this sleeve. It combines advantages which you would not find anywhere else to this extent and provides a timeless design, which draws attention to itself with security. The special quality and thoughtful design speak for themselves and justify the price completely.

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