Elegant, waterproof solar watch with sapphire crystal

Elegant, waterproof solar watch with sapphire crystal

DETOMASO Gents Stainless steel case Stainless steel bracelet Sapphire glass SOLAR SAN REMO Diver Watch Classic Black / Silver DT1039-B (clock)

Customer Review

Important to me was that it is-because waterproof you stand in the rain just sometimes and I the hands the clock do not wash every time off möchte- the scratch resistance of the glass should be better than my last watch or so designed that the housing first which would collect, easy operability and good readability were more criteria. I also wanted a clock with which one does not have to change all the batteries 1.5 years and it should not be too small in total, because I have strong wrists, overall they should radiate "robustness". Price range was for me to 130 euros.

I have money for an automatic movement and not at the favorable movements I had to remember that do not run well enough and I am not a type of every day sets its clock, a clock had it but also not. Besides, I was not quite sure how robust it is a mechanical movement. So I opted for solar watch.

In the end I stood 3 watches to choose the most likely to meet the criteria for me.

DeTomaso San Remo Solar

Casio MRW -S300H

or a Citizen Eco Drive

The Citizen Eco Drive I like the design almost best. Purist or how you want to express it.
However, with mineral glass and the housing did not really like this as it would catch anything. In addition, these watches are in diameter with crown A mere 42mm. just looks at my wrist like a children's watch.
Priced she was at the upper limit, so it fell to me to get out.

The Casio however, really smiles at me, yet now that I chose the Detomaso I'll let me give for Christmas.

The Casio is located in the lower price segment and is to get for almost 30-50. Beautiful Simple design, the housing looks like it would be able to fend off a bit, but not as exaggerated as the chunky sports G-Shock models, but I was the look but then somehow militarily.

The Casio Edifice is in some embodiments, even more in the price framework, but here that bothers me the MMN. worse readability.

Then I am for the San Remo decision, because it has a perfect size for me and one of the few solar watches in the price segment is the "sapphire crystals" has a watch glass.

Of course, the retail price is completely out of line, but I could buy a copy now with a beautiful green bezel and am for the 133 satisfied with the clock.

The clock looks really fantastic, the weight is great, feels right wertig an.Sie is easy to use and easy to read. The only thing I am design the clock a bit bothering the pasted on the flat watch glass loupe to enlarge Date. This is probably because, as this design will copy the Rolex Submariner.

I put the clock about half between 11 and 15 clock out onto the window sill and then set the clock and date it works.

Concerns makes me only the folding mechanism of the bracelet, which is indeed secured again, but ansich held together at the weakest point with a Pin. The question whether the last long. Even the bracelet does not make the best impression on me. It attracts unusually often to Armhaaren, have the bracelet but also not exactly adjusted to my size. -Since Like my old fossil besser.- me

Otherwise I like the DETOMASO engraving on the housing and the logo on the buckle very gut.Womit the Detomaso is again a bit Watches settles from the others in China Diver style, apart from the "Sapirglas".

What did the clock but do now with Detomaso ... no plan. The logo is definitely another, as the car brand.

The clock comes well packed with plastic wrapped in a simple metal box, with warranty card for the next two years, MT logo on the lid.

I have received a fine specimen and am happy with it. I hope it stays that way.

Value for money is for 130 euro MMN due to the sapphire crystal in order.
Gibts similar determined even under 100 Euros, but I like the overall product.

Supplement on 22 November:

Werd the clock can now go back, the bezel has "easy to turn" from the initial changed to "shaky Something" and bear the half after 14 days (at night always undressed).
A real shame the clock, because it is otherwise truly an eye-catcher, fits the size ideal for my wrist and runs relatively well - now after 14 days I was nearly a second Abweichung-.

Because the bezel again deducted a star, seems to have come to the same problem with other buyers, so I'm going to also leave the money refund and buy a Citizen and then take more money in hand to get in the hope something Wertigeres.

super eurovision Rank: 5/5
July 4
Telescopic pole Rank: 5/5
June 29
Content of purchase. Rank: 5/5
May 22
Too simplistic 1 Rank: 3/5
April 4

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