Empfehlenswerter filters

Empfehlenswerter filters

Hoya HD polarizing filter cirkular 77mm (optional)

Customer Review

I use the filter on my Tokina 11-16 mm with the Canon EOS 7D.

Packaging: Filter is safely in a plastic package, nothing wobbles, all good.

Haptics: Makes a quality impression, rotate slightly, nothing to complain about.

Operation: screwing is relatively easy (due to design something more difficult by the rotating bezel, unscrewing is by the rotatable bezel but sometimes a bit difficult here Hoya could enclose as improving a filter wrench, available as an accessory for little money so it goes. well.

Filter effect: I had not yet received a polarizing filter, so no comparison. Filterwirkunk is depending on the angle to the sun and the reflective element clearly, colors are intense, clouds visible, I am satisfied with the effect.

Image quality: To test the effect on the image quality I have two identical images taken with and without filters. Result - in the 100% view on screen, I mean, if I am very critical that the image with a tiny little filter is blurred. In Normal view, which of course is not to be recognized, but not in the closing date on size A4. However, the resolution seems to be hardly affected, without a filter, the file 25,926 kb, with 25 896 filters - so really no difference.

Vignetierung: Although the filter to recognize not just as Slim version of Amazon's (I have taken only from a review), it is a. Vignetting does not occur even at 11 mm.

Conclusion: All the best, absolute buy recommendation.

highly recommended 117 Rank: 5/5
April 3
it will 5min Rank: 1/5
May 13
Very good product in 2479 Rank: 4/5
November 21
tooth! Rank: 5/5
February 1

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