Enter The Land of Stories, you'll love it!

Enter The Land of Stories, you'll love it!

Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell (The Land of Stories) (Hardcover)

Customer Review

'The Land of Stories' is an incredibly great book that fits for lovers of Fairytales like chalk and cheese. I really loved every word and thought it was particularly nice to have explored the well-known fairy tale to other whites. Granted; the really true fairy tale I know not always, but my love for you does not mind. When reading it becomes clear that there is no other way Chris; he loves fairy tales and told them finally on its whiteness.

The twins and actually all the characters are interesting and well-lit. Yes, a few acts and declarations I could piece together while reading / guess, but I think that's okay. A few things have me still surprised at what certainly was the perfect mix for me. I particularly liked that although natural characters like Snow White, Cinderella and Red Riding Hood had their own chapter, but has not directly fixed everything on it. Other, lesser-known figures were well in the foreground and have received a (new) history. For example, I am instantly in pairing Goldi Looks / Jack love, whose history plays a role later in the book.

Complete perfectly the book is not sure, but it must not be. You can tell just how happy Chris wrote it, so small mistakes or imperfections are completely unimportant, and they like to forget! I can wait for the sequel hardly

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