Everything on graphics and translated Spanking damage model.  ,  ,

Everything on graphics and translated Spanking damage model. , ,

Star Trek Legacy (DVD-ROM) [UbiSoft Exclusive] (computer game)

Customer Review

Good day,
Have bought Star Trek Legacy 2 days following date of publication and was glad that it was still running on my old Radeon 9800XL first, but after that the fun was over. The game relies too heavily on the game graphics as selling point. The campaign I feel simply boring. The control I see as miserable and delayed. In addition, it seems to me on the PC very inaccurate (it shows too clearly that the game for the XBox is designed 360). At least I was able to console me on the graphics, which realized that the damage model was often calculated incorrectly. In short, the damage model works neither with my graphics card still with a GTX 260 properly. Holes were on the fuselage on although the same also was not hit einmalmal. The mouse moves, without any modifications in Windows, not properly and the gameplay remains simply on the track. The only advantage of this game: light itself to change. Many mods. In addition, it makes the multiplayer over LAN (online games, there are simply no) relatively fun by nonexistent tactical elements brings (to "parts" to shoot at the ship but makes the AI ​​for easy victims). The connection speed is insufficient for Internet gaming (DSL 16000), while in LAN games the shield bubbles like behind the ships after hanging (literally! XD).
For anyone who is a dedicated fan and likes to watch lighting effects and spaceships, illuminate the sign bubbles looks and not put so much emphasis on a combat system with tactics or coordinated movements. Who can put a lot of time to try divere ships.
Star Trek Brigde Commander is much more fun than Legacy, which is there really more modding needs, since the Schiffsvielfallt, just like the graphics simply can not match. For Kolisionen and 360 ° twists, turns and flips are possible. (For legacy can the ship in "3D Space" are not perpendicular to the imaginary axis) collisions are not possible in legacy. The ships will be "as if by magic" pushed away from each other, while the self-destruction is useless against strong opponents and only the Error damage model shows (boat part breaks out while prop. Loose parts remain in the form)

If I take a screenshot with every Grafikfehler I lay at around 20 pieces.

, The real fans are just that what spaceship gazers.
However, those who invested time and effort can do a bit more out of the game -> Graphic / Ship diversity.

With best regards
M v. Hage

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