Excellent Blu Ray Player

Excellent Blu Ray Player

LG BP430 3D Blu-ray player with Smart TV (HDMI, 1x RJ-45, DLNA) (Electronics)

Customer Review

After our old DVD player has given up the ghost, the time was also ripe to enter the world of Blu Rays.
After a long and thorough research 4 players were shortlisted. The Sony BDP 490 and its successor the BDP 4100 and the models of LG, the BP 420 and the successor to BP 430th

When a decision had to her, startled me at first a purchase of the newer models from something, because too little was known about the 4100 and the 430er. But even between models from the year 2012, I could not decide. That's why I chose at random from one of the two units of 2013.

So I had a choice: Sony BDP 4100 or LG BP 430. Finally, it was after a very long considering the player from the house of LG.

About Sony BDP 4100 was often written here in customer reviews that both the drive when playing Blu Ray is a little louder and some devices also a high frequency beep is heard. Nevertheless, this risk I did not want to go. The fact that the Sony player has a "DVD upscaling 'and thus formed simple DVDs to near HD quality I really liked, but otherwise I saw no further advantages over the player by LG.

The LG BP 430 is the successor of the test winner of 2012, and he is its predecessor in every way. The device was tested by both the DVD and the Blu Ray of "The Hobbit - An Unexpected Journey".

When it comes to picture and sound there are hardly any differences between Blu Ray players in the price range around 100 and so I found no defects. For the average person, the picture is large class, I never thought that me these new Blu Rays even so can cut off the stool, but the image quality was amazing.

Just in the DVD, when I first still was worried. However, the unit of LG manages the DVDs to give a new luster. The picture was much better than on my old DVD player and even for complex scenes with fast camera excelled the LG BP 430th

The USB port on the front of the device, it is possible an external hard drive or connect a USB stick and play videos or music, and it works flawlessly.

A hum of the drive or a beep, incidentally, was not to be heard, so here you need not to worry.

For design I will not say too much. It is a simple and fairly high-quality overall appearance of the device. Of course he has not such a striking design as the Sony 4100, but this is indeed not for everyone. I, for my term, the simple design of the LG BP find 430 very successful, although it's not really spectacular.

The remote control is rather small, but seems cheap in any case. The buttons are easy to see even in the dark and to make good.

Solely for the aspect around the Internet I can not comment, although a LAN connection is available, I have not tested, because the primary use for me is playing Blu Rays and DVDs.

All in all, really can not complain. The LG BP 430 shines in its main task. An excellent Blu Ray player to a really good price.

gaming hours Rank: 5/5
November 17
Good but not for my use Rank: 2/5
March 25
Ideal 14 125 1203 Rank: 5/5
May 14
my perfume Rank: 5/5
December 16

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