Excellent, fun and serious at once.  A real success.

Excellent, fun and serious at once. A real success.

The Voyage of the fathers, Volume 1: Jonas (Album)

Customer Review

Excellent series, fun, very nice design.
The quality of this work earned him a good success (60,000 copies sold for the entire trilogy, beginning 2011).

(The following lines are from the very friendly interview in "It's Alive", February 2011)

David Ratte was born in 1970 in Besançon.

He draws from his childhood. Joined at the Fine Arts to 15/16, there remains only half a day, "Having been needy in that area for a long time, I could not bear that any trait becomes a work of art pretext that it put a little spirit or inspiration. "

David then engages in an interior designer course, it takes a year and a half. He worked in commercial art and fifteen years as a commercial in metallurgy where he runs the business magazine with designs, etc.

As for the comics field he has ceased to himself, David feared that his drawings are not appreciated and does not reveal his work.

There decade, the magazine Papillon Rouge organizes a contest of young authors. David is involved and comes second. This gives him more confidence in his abilities.

In 2005, he contributed to Lanfeust magazine.

Spell "Toxic Planet" in 2006 (trilogy on the theme of the environment).

And the trilogy "The Journey of the Fathers" in 2007-2010. It was also in 2007 that David left his job to choose comics.

David chooses every time to approach a serious theme with a quirky and humorous look. At the time of the birth of the trip fathers, David Ratte is reading "the Gospel of Pilate" EE Schmitt; it is inspired by this approach.
David says "for humor on, it was necessary that the historical approach roughly impeccable. I did a lot of research" (kitchen utensils, clothes, houses, etc.).

"Faith is not the main subject of this trilogy, but the backstory. The theme is more the father-son relationship, including accepting that our children do something other than what we had imagined for them "" Alpheus becomes a believer and embrace the cause of Christ, Jonas is refractory to all this history and completely cynical. Simon, he is more measured, not going either one way or the other "" My goal was to respect the biblical account giving the look of people gravitating around this story. The touches of humor never concern the official story, only my characters. "

Volume 1 of "The Exodus according Yona" appears early 2011.

A Angouleme end of January 2011, David Ratte was awarded the Jubilee of Christian comics for his trilogy.

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