Excellent game 18

Excellent game 18

Lego Lord of the Rings (computer game)

Customer Review

I bought this game on a download platform and in a dematerialized format. So I did not have the manual (which is important for some passing below)! I also said that I play on a PC with xbox360 controller (whose keys are recognized as such by the game). One can very well play the keyboard (in which case the game will display the corresponding keys at QTE) but I recommend the use of a joystick.

The game takes the overall frame of the three films rather faithfully (but with limited technical means necessarily) with the particular humor "lego". Fans will be delighted, and others too!
The game also uses the fabulous soundtrack and voice some (but not all bad!).
Violence is almost nonexistent (although some unavoidable passages -Elendil, Isildur, Boromir, Theoden, Gollum- is necessarily included and that you spend your time, casually, to attack and kill enemies ... to repel. .. the equivalent of the end of the world ...). On this point I consider the game as all age groups.
Overall handling is very good. A little flat on jumps: you will have no assistance to help you estimate how far your character jumps (even no shadow). It is a pity that a lot of bonuses require acrobatics to be achieved. But with practice it's OK.
The mechanics of the puzzles overall is pretty simple. Once you understand the different "stuff" is always more or less the same, although the variety of "tricks" avoids the feeling of weariness. But there are some exceptionally complex passages or poorly explained, including free play and walkways reserved for end game characters or unlockable. Namely (this is not a spoil): the orange handles are reserved to the characters 'strong', silver and shiny items are for explosive characters (the only one I know of is the Orc Helm's Deep "Berserker" who not only explosive but also the ability "strong" ...).
Anyway during the difficult times it will probably "papa" to help the younger ones. In addition if you are a fan, like me, this is an opportunity to introduce them to the wonderful world of Tolkien.
Another detail not necessarily obvious to drop a ramp or jump rope without, you must click the inventory button. If you do not know, at some point of the game you may pull your hair ... you'll thank me! :)
After completing the "story" and began the free game (over 20 hours of game) I have only met two bugs but serious enough to force me to restart the game: endless slides of the character (in principle it arrives on the slopes and it stops, but then the character would no longer stop) and a character animation hitting Arachne which was repeated in a loop. Two bugs for more than 20 hours of play ... it does not deserve to remove a star.
One detail that may be important for the regulars lego games: mostly it is not possible to play two on the same screen as is the case in most such games. This is due to gameplay that requires players to implement complementary actions / cooperation to often remote locations. Suddenly the screen splits into two and visibility takes a hit (too bad for a game with so many hidden content). Again it might be annoying, but I think it does not deserve to remove a star.
Finally, I come back to the life. A good hour of ten to complete the story. And additional content for lasting pleasure: open world with the possibility of instant travel (contrary to what we read in some tests), questing, hidden treasures, passages reserved for the free and unlocked characters, possibility of re adventures with unlocked characters ... You get at least 20 hours, easy. Knowing that nowadays a game lasts half dozen hours, the creators of this game lego have not laughed you!

In summary: excellent game, very full, long life, and relatively accurate for everyone.
Long-time player and fan of Tolkien, I bought it to play with my kids (but not always: p) and I'm VERY satisfied with my purchase.

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