EXCELLENT GAME!  with zero connection to steam

EXCELLENT GAME! with zero connection to steam

Company of Heroes 2 (computer game)

Customer Review

About the game company of heroes 2, he is the worthy successor to the first installment !! (Advising the excellent mod blitzkrieg 4.00 for coh 1)
I bought the red star cabinet and the normal version for my son.

- The graphics are sublime with details for improved camouflage armored (when it was purchased or unlocked)
What a pleasure to find vehicles that could seen in the Museum of Armored Saumur.
With more Elefant (or Ferdinand) and Soviet tanks ...
- Gameplay: in the same genre as the first even if it takes two parties against ia to fit. The number of units is sufficient.
The mode winters gives the impression of playing a new card.
Contrary to what I've read on other forums, the German-Russian balance is globally and particularly the armored is good, although the Germans are much easier to control.
the commanders of the trees are very simple and intuitive.
- The war theater mode is very friendly for Coop missions. I have not yet made the solo missions or campaign for the moment ...

The disadvantages: - there is only one that is steam and its connections to 2 balls on its servers !!!!
Basically, you can play multiplayer without problem during the day but the custom games with friends drop out after only 5 minutes 1 evening of 2.
For comparison, on battlenet connection problems with starcraft 2 are virtually nonexistent.
- The other minor drawback is not being able to choose the victory conditions (between annhilation and victory points) for auto parts or auto human vs vs ia.

In summary, excellent game that I highly recommend !!! But with incovénients connection with steam on regular updates to adapt to the game servers.

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