Exciting discovery toys, even if at some point everything is discovered

Exciting discovery toys, even if at some point everything is discovered

Ravensburger 00502 - tiptoi: Starter Set with pen and book (Toys)

Customer Review

The TipToi system has become so extended to up some accessories, for small and older children, for non-readers, beginning readers and reading, for the most diverse areas of interest and varieties. Here is the starter set with pen and farm book. Since most kids like farm stories, the subject is well chosen, highest raise.
The stylus that works with batteries must be logged until the book. The pages of the book are made of thin cardboard and can not really believe that is hidden behind even more. The basic story is reprinted each on the side and can be even without pin (pre-) reading. The pen must be registered on an initial contact with the book, so that the different varieties can be used. These range from small stories that told the people from their perspective; Animal sounds that need to be assigned to items that are to be found, information about the farm and so on. The makers have come up with a lot and also try to address the different age groups. But at some point even the smallest mouse is found, also the most difficult to play back sequence repeats itself for the first time and inquired cereals can be properly displayed. Although until then surely a few hours of play have passed, as yet everything is eventually tried. Even the beginners targeted four years are quite capable to cope with and with the more difficult tasks. So when once everything is tried, it is entirely possible that the book only once travels back on the shelf and other tiptoi attractions come into view. Because offer here but in every book so many ways, but it will certainly be after some time again exciting to deal once more with the rural world. Then some information is again reprocessed Possibly; or from the previous game tester will be a small story listeners. The offer to offers to book anyway.
The tiptoi pen itself is well in hand, the volume can be controlled well; and it should be a little restless in the game once, you can hold the pen and take a closer ear to understand everything. This is much more practical than those systems in which the speakers are attached to the book itself. The audio files are of good quality and not so distorted to listen, as is often the case.
All in all, well thought out and highly recommended if you have been looking for an educational toy.

Perfectly fine 3 Rank: 4/5
November 15
Perfect 1500 Rank: 5/5
May 29
Good brand 1 Rank: 4/5
May 13
Useful 90 Rank: 5/5
May 22
twilight princess carriage Rank: 4/5
October 24

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