Exciting story, weak end

Exciting story, weak end

162 / and the screaming fog (Audio CD)

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In this episode, the three question marks meet their old friend Arnold Brewster (people of the Winds), who asks in a letter to come to him one more time to help. An eerie mist offset the small village, where he currently resides, in fear and terror. Some residents have been driven from their homes out of the fog coming screams and nature. The boys do not hesitate long and take the next plane to get to the bottom of it ...

The majority of the story I really liked. Took me all at first a little reminiscent of the episode "and the Nebelberg", then it quickly developed a unique, new story. Overall, the sequence contains a lot of tension and horror moments that make the three detectives hard to create. You may encounter a few opaque and sometimes bizarre personalities, facilitate them their investigative work is not necessarily. The music and the speakers, I felt as a properly selected and consistent with the action. Ever this case has me at first very well-liked, but the end was for me, unfortunately, quite a letdown. Somehow then everything happened very quickly, it was followed by a turn to the other and the main culprit reveals itself finally from itself and chats without hesitation out of school. Even though the resolution itself appears fairly logical, yet has "as" very disturbed me. Especially the last one (closer I do not want to go into details of spoiler reasons), very decisive for the outcome of the story twist seemed forced and not really fit before.

All in all, I forgive three stars (though I would have liked more distributed), because the end of a story I always find very important and if that is not true, the whole thing, unfortunately, leaves a pale aftertaste ...

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