Expensive but good mouse.  For Windows 7 and Linux with weak Micro keys.

Expensive but good mouse. For Windows 7 and Linux with weak Micro keys.

Logitech Performance Mouse MX Cordless black (Accessories)

Customer Review

[Edit:] After almost 4 1/2 years service life (selling mouse + a spare mouse from Logitech) I have made a write-down to 4 stars: The often criticized Micro keys are actually designed very weak, making it a "double issue" comes. The Logitech Support is thus to very good, so I think the 4 star justified. I'm with the Mouse operation anyway so well satisfied that I, having now the replacement mouse breaks me, have ordered a new - despite the knowledge of the relatively short life. I had considered buying an expensive gaming mice, but I just want a good mouse, with which I can work while charging and do not need the many keys really. [/ EDIT]

My decision to buy a new mouse was to work perfectly even no "bereavement" in the old mouse, but the lack of driver support for my Medion used for many years optical Medion wireless mouse! Unfortunately Medion has the driver support already set for Windows XP (where the old driver but still satisfactory ran), in Windows 7 64-Bit was then finally closing. A purchase Corker for Logitech was that the driver support will last longer than cheap brands -producers /.

Since I work full time on the computer I wanted to treat mouse the "luxury" of a * good *.

The mouse itself is still very expensive, which is not really surprising when a current "flagship" of a manufacturer.

In addition Aquatube mouse and receiver is also an extension cord for the receiver (handy for people like me who your Rechtner left of the user and under the table ...) as well as a charger for the mouse, which is either directly to a USB connection can be plugged in or on a plug adapter provided in the pack (which is not a "block" in the rest, but a relatively flat plug, so that even other plug into the 3-compartment can fit). Using the mouse the way you can continue to work while charging. The battery is a AA battery eNiTime (2000 mAh). The cables and adapters come by the way in a very nice black cases with little advertising, which can be also must need for pins.

For 32- and 64-bit Windows, a driver is supplied. The software for the mouse is fairly intuitive to use. The aid, however, all options for all mouse models are described. Some options are not displayed in the Performance MX, sometimes a little confused.

Under Linux (Fedora 11), the mouse is detected easily. The additional keys you can by using xev, xbindkeys and XTE anpasen relative ease. As my old Medion mouse already had 5 keys adapting for me in 10 minutes was done. Detailed instructions for example, there is here:

Working with the Performance MX was for me initially to get used to:

- The keys are much easier to press than in my old Medion Mouse.

- You clicked together slightly when the zoom button and the arrow keys above. At the zoom button to get anyway quite easily.

- The mouse wheel with freewheel is * very * different from a "normal" mouse wheel. However, you can switch to a normal mode, it operates like any other mouse wheel.

- To press the mouse wheel left / right requires some practice if you have not done so. However, there is (as described by "Willi" - All thing I know the comparison with the Anywhere MX does not) not "inoperable" (for me).

Of all the things I have, however, become accustomed very quickly. After three days, I notice it any more.

The mouse fits comfortably in your hand. From the ergonomics ago can work both hands on the table and on a mousepad gel pad. The free-running wheel is great - once you get used to it. What I like is the especial good opportunity to occupy a key so that the moving speed of the mouse is switched. This allows good work in detail, for example, in Photoshop or in eingien games. Another benefit of the software is that it can detect, which app you currently working and you can adjust the mouse sensitivity for each program. Although dei choice of programmable functions is very good, I (a program to be executed, for example) but is missing from the software the ability to assign a key with a separate command. Another minus the software is that there is no any "penetration" in the program window, above which is the mouse. You have to change the program so always only to scroll with the mouse wheel.

Conclusion: Really good mouse, but really expensive!

What I like:
Ergonomics +
+ Mouse wheel to "freewheel"
+ The battery is replaceable
+ The Darkfield Laser did previously on all surfaces tested
+ The mouse has a genuine off
+ 64-bit software available
+ Good range of possible key programming

What I do not like it well:
- Price
- Left / right scrolling takes some practice
- The mouse software does not allow completely free programming of keys

All player Rank: 4/5
February 9
the reader is disappointed Rank: 2/5
June 23
37 Extraordinary Rank: 5/5
June 20
10 January 2108 great Rank: 5/5
July 7

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