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Extreme Music

Classics Vol.1 (CD)

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When I go on the road I almost always have a CD by hand or in my bag.
I love driving this strange feeling of being "one" with the machine and no need for excessive speed for that, 110 km / h is already good. And the car is for me another privileged place where I listen ... what I want to hear, that the journey is long or short.
This is most often an opera, symphonic music. I also like the music that "exalt" and among them there are such "epic" that serves to illustrate the films called "big show". And this kind is a bit of a rogue and distant descendant of symphonic music. Moreover, we find it sometimes on certain securities or reminiscences cousinages with known classical themes.

"Two Steps From Hell" (that is an image ...) is one of the masters of the genre. They already have an abundant production. The Classics (volume one) is apparently their latest CD. It is a title of succession rather "spacey" and others who "move" somewhat. It is therefore even more when made for large spaces for the caps ...

I have not been disappointed, even if it is largely a compilation of previous albums. I found some nuggets that equal their best songs I already knew. I recommend it to those who appreciate this kind only, knowing that I personally do not listen to it every day.
As I consider this album that I listen on occasion myself as far from essential ...

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