Far too easy and from the center it is langweilg

Far too easy and from the center it is langweilg

Divinity II: Ego Draconis (computer game)

Customer Review

The game is far too easy, because never do you get bad problems with the opponent. Although one must proceed somewhat tactically in the beginning, but later holds a nothing more.
Unfortunately, this is not a true RPG is there no need at all the application of the D & D rule.
A pure mage or fighter there is not a rule. You buy for his chat Skills, which without exception are based on the level cap of Chars. Unfortunately, the Skill Tree VERY poorly balanced. So you can buy the first stage of all healing spells until level 15. For other skills, the first stage is enough, because the following steps only bring a slight increase of 2%. Other skills are totally useless.
Skilling should be only the "magic bullet" and some "pick locks" the.
"Master of Herbs" should expand it as the potions are VERY expensive !!
Points in potion effects are also useful.
The skill "destruction" is also very sinvoll
Who uses two weapons, should the Skill "Expert: 2 weapons" later expand.
One point in "healing" and "regeneration" is sufficient and does very noticeable.
So you come by 2/3 third of the game, especially with the likes. Floor sweeps you away everything because it has only a recharge time of 1 second, while eg the fireball can be used only after 15 seconds.
On the spec of "mind reading" I have completely dispensed !!

Increasing the attributes "agility", "Strength" and "intelligence" brings virtually nothing and they have a 90% only on resistance from! An increase damage done basically through the development of skills, which I find very unpleasant.

The first half of the game makes still fun, only if one has the dragon tower, it gets boring, even if transform into a dragon at the beginning is interesting. Only then you have "a lot of" gold, with which one can not do anything more, new and better items are very rare and the opponent you just runs around.
Now I List of clarity again positives and negatives on

1) Many quests
2) no bugs or CtD`s (Patch 1:03)
3) Beautiful graphics, only all the women look like Dolly Buster
4) Very nice and user-friendly Interfacce, especially the hero
5) Very rich options menu with many settings
6) 100 parts sive luggage (can be expanded, but is normally not necessary, even if you collect all)
7) Beautiful large font
8) Abundant Creatures
9) Very nice and really tricky puzzles / tasks (meaning not the quests)
10) Very nice reward system
11) Flying opponents have a very good AI
12) The overall AI is consistently described as good.

1) Quest: In Quest Marker has been dispensed with entirely, which is normal good, but not here, because with the large number of quest is very easy to lose track (Beginning in Part 1 above). In addition, the quest descriptions are sometimes not very helpful. In persons who was a introduction to a quest target is also waived. Thus, the search for the target designed and insbesonderem return to the Client as very troublesome !!
In the quest log, the jobs are not listed in sequence, but messed up, which is also not very nice.
2) Creatures: These are only a health bar, otherwise you learn nothing pure about the creature!
Furthermore, these, especially later in the game, no challenge, which also applies to the bosses. Resistance, particularly for magic are, obviously (will unfortunately not be published) very bad.
3) Items: In the beginning, these are good, but the further one progresses the more rarely you will find useful. Bad is also that there is actually no items for only one class because the bonuses of each class usually have something, which of course always follow all values ​​are only average.
All items have no weight, no wear and no coverage
4) Cities: There is a town at the beginning (later they locked), Other cities do not exist in principle.
5) Also try: Actually, too few, at least they are found rather only with luck. Worse, however, is their most meager supply and also the cost of which offer items are far too high !! Never got a weapon / armor bought because you "every" corner which usually takes place on better. Very sad.
A few traders have something too little Gold (it comes from, because you can no longer sell).
Actually, this should, if one ascends a level, new have on offer, but is not usually the case. Annoying is this if you can buy anywhere more healing potions (in Angangszeit).
6) finishes: It is certain objects with stones provided which bring a bonus to any destination. Only there for a lot too few objects with slots, or even with more than one or two slots on the other hand this Bonusussteine ​​are far too rare.
7) Dragon Tower: Sounds pretty sure this his own to call, but the benefits are too low. The 3 servant, which you can send out so that they get stones and plants, you must first equip expensive, otherwise they are just empty and hurt back. So before saving Gold !! Equipping each for 4,000 gold from, the success is about 65%, equips you for more gold from 8000, the success is over 90%
Basically, it pays only the servant of Plant equip completely (14000 gold), because then you will save a lot in the otherwise very expensive potions.
The 4 trainers you never actually need also, to the alchemists for potions.
Sogesehen would be the dragon tower but can better equip at least one owner dealer would have been very nice.
8) During the initial map (Broken Valley) is okay, so the following are very small fall
9) It really is a ton of crates / barrels to zerdeppern, only it sucks that they usually are all empty.
10) No case of damage (okay, is certainly a matter of opinion)
11) No morality or reputation (okay, is certainly a matter of opinion)
12) Stealing does not matter
13) spell damage: It is never the actual damage appear, but only the damage that has the skill. This is very inconvenient !!
14) strength, agility and intelligence to increase resistance. What is this nonsense. You should have done the same attributes for the corresponding resistance.
15) Gedankenlesn: As nice as this Future may be, but why you can do this for all NPCs, why not only where it would be worth more or less !!
16) Dragon equipment, there is only one passage, but in two colors. There are out of ideas ?!
17) The balancing of skills is really bad!
18) Neither video nor calls may be canceled
19) Control: Basically okay, but for spellcasting is this but horrible. Although I put a spell on the mouse, others can be made to run only by pressing a button. Since you have to aim so falls the second hand away. Now need a third hand to the Char move.
20) What to bring improvements in the platforms you never know.
21) Basically one knows never what to do next, confuse the whole quests on the map one looks for death. I have always had maps from solution forums at hand, think that I would have certainly lost interest.
22) There are quest items which are not marked as such. To sell those they have lost, as traders kept selling and NOT the quest is then solved. For example, in the hunt for criminals
23) not an editor or the possibility of Moder position !!!

Who Part 1 (I liked it better) liked because of the huge dungeons, will find much smaller here!

A game for a short time certainly makes a lot of fun. But after the latest 2/3 a dull moment. There is a lack of things for a long-term motivation!

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