Few educational

Few educational

Princess at the court of King Louis (Paperback)

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The idea of ​​the book which you are the hero is good, but this volume is especially wrong.

Not only date grotesque mistakes have already been identified by other players, but in addition, I find that the light tone of the story does not exactly libertarian values ​​of our time!

The story speaks directly to the reader and gives him a choice to make at the end of each paragraph. Most often there is no choice to make and you have to read more to the number indicated. Some passages are followed inconsistently and there has even repeatedly tragic endings depending on the choices you made "one will find his body in the Seine two weeks later and you will attain not to save the Queen and her baby" It must repeat: "to avoid this, go to the No ..."

Under the reign of the Sun King, while the people starving, why heroin, presented at the beginning of history as fearless and having horror of propriety, do not question the established order when it sets foot in Paris for the first time? Why it takes so much to distinguish his rank? In the next episode, the guillotine!

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