Finally for PS3

Finally for PS3

Mass Effect 2 (uncut) (Video Game)

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Just over a year it is jetz ago, appeared Mass Effect 2 for PC and Xbox 360. Now come finally the PS3 users to enjoy one of the best role-playing games of recent years.


The plot of Mass Effect 2 is a few weeks after the religious events of the first part. Commander Shepard and the crew of the Normandy could thwart the plans of the Sovereign Reapers and are just looking for scattered remains of Geth forces.
On one of their reconnaissance, they are however attacked by an unknown spaceship.
Many of the crew members can not flee at the last minute in using the escape pods. However Shephard when I try to save his pilots killed and enters the atmosphere of a nearby planet.
2 Years Later Shepard wakes up in a research facility on the Cerberus Group. These have recovered his body and brought to life with the use of huge research funds and sophisticated medical technology again.
Your task now is to put together with the Commander a new crew to the legs and the mysterious disappearance of entire space colonies to get to the bottom.


The second part of Bioware's space opera moves away a bit of the far more tactical in the first part of fighting and going more towards 3rd person shooter. While it is still necessary to prove a lot of tactical skill, such as the proper place of the team members, or to select the appropriate weapon with respect to the armor of the enemy, but you can the whole thing much more through skillful goals and take cover go compensated as it was the case in the predecessor.
At the core Mass Effect 2 is nevertheless still a true RPG, not least because of the many interesting characters and the discussions which you lead with them. And he will lead many conversations until you see the end of the game.
As in the predecessor, here is again the well-known ring system to your to ask questions or respond to statements made by NPCs. Depending on how you behave setigen your conversation values. Are you trying, for example, to settle conflicts, gets her new Gespächsoptionen in this category, the same is true for the "head against the wall" variant.
In the second part of the series, you will again have to take a lot of serious decisions that affect some very strong story. This makes my opinion a high appeal of the game from as few titles this so managed that you feel has the decisions you meet, and no matter how small, really make a difference.
If you do not just enter into the atmosphere of any planet to the local Slaver Scum to kick your ass, you can watch even the dismantling of resources for weapons research deal.
To do this you simply controls your ship with a planet and scanned by these valuable raw materials to then with a drone into the cargo hold of your ship to carry.
As you can see is so worried for enough variety.
Also on side missions are not lacking, but to complete the main story you will need no less than 25 hours if you want to see everything to offer what Mass Effect 2 has can you screw up the whole 40 hours and more.


Graphically makes the second part her a lot. Especially the Gesichtsaniamtionen among the best it has to offer the game world. Although there are here and there some animation issues and the polygon models do not always behave realistically, but that's when the big production costs and no wonder is not significant.
The Playstation 3 version runs the way forward to the engine of the third part of the saga and therefore still looks a bit better than its 360 counterpart.
What, however, the fact that Bioware most excited about at the graphic presentation is me, it creates a sci-fi world to create although a cool, clean look yet has but by the many details and the excellent lighting and shadow effects, a true feast for the eyes, that create in this setting is not a lot of games.


The acoustic Presentation fits seamlessly into the gameplay. Among the voice actors some sizes are represented, such as Adam Baldwin, Martin Sheen, Behold Green or Keith David, just to name a few. These contribute at least as much, if not more so, to the atmosphere of the game in as the graphics.
The German Synchro is quite well done, but I'd recommend any of the English powerful the game is to be played in the original language.
The soundtrack also deserves special mention because it is the game always perfectly. It is not often that one in a game of this genre, the fear in the neck sits, especially not if you move through a brightly lit room basis and not a lie in wait at every turn undead or other spawns of hell. Nevertheless, it creates Mass Effect 2 to give an exact sense of tension and that alone through the music.


I can every RPG fan only expressly to Mass Effect recommend to get 2, also players that are put a high value on a very good and exciting story told in the right place. All those who are put off by the high Textlastigkeit the game, I can only express my condolences, because you missed this one of the best games of all time, so over legts you prefer again.

Story: 97%
Gameplay: 88%
Graphics: 95%
Sound: 93%

Game Pass: 98%

Great price - longer battery life Rank: 5/5
November 21
Until now everything Jut Rank: 5/5
January 16
super suction maiabilité Rank: 5/5
May 21
Great! 1880 769 Rank: 5/5
March 18
satisfied 1374 Rank: 5/5
January 24

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