first live - recordings from Magnum

first live - recordings from Magnum

Days of Wonder (Audio CD)

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Published in 1978, the British band Magnum their first studio album "Kingdom of Madness".
In 1985, she should publish "On a Storytellers Night" one of the most important and greatest albums of melodic progressive rock history, by which they should become world famous.
The history of Magnum began much earlier, however. Already in the early seventies Tony Clarkin, Bob Catley and men fought their way through the music world in 1976 should be recorded her first live performance.

This performance was in 2004, 28 years after their inclusion, officially belong under the name "Days of Wonder", with an ugly cover and without the Magnum discography published. The reason for this was perhaps to have because of the reunion and the new album "Breath of Life" is still a possibility, ripping off the customers, maybe they wanted to the followers of the band but also do something good ...
What is on offer, are contemporary photographs which through great enthusiasm and boyish nervous, basic likeable charisma of their frontman delight the fans, the audience that was there at the time, is thrilled honest, the sound quality however spoils the listening something.
A bigger label would the shots possibly Remasterd before posting, but you should be thankful that they were ever published.
The songs that are presented here only two years before the release of their first album, are mostly just out of this. One can "Kingdom of Madness", "Universe" etc. completely unprocessed and enjoy Performed under primitive conditions in front of a small audience, which for fans of course is a not to be underestimated enrichment Newcomers should however of the official live albums band (newcomers was "The Spirit" recommended) hold. Some of the most played songs here should even be back on the second studio album, Magnum II, held (the battle). In addition to songs from "Kingdom of Madness" and "Magnum II" are still a couple of sizes on offer which should be never released on a studio album, and the light of day then on the Lost Tracks only again - should see compilation "Archive" ( eg Stormbringer). A rock'n'roll classics, Runaround Sue, will be presented, which should be on the live album invasion, in better sound quality, recorded later.

So, for fans is a must, but only, as I said, after having everything from the official discography. The songs are thoroughly recommended, part mysterious beads, partly melodic, multi-faceted rock numbers, plus a few collectibles. "Days of Wonder" white thanks to the friendly atmosphere and unpretentious nature quite pleasing, but the true potential of the band comes here not quite figure out, there are far better shots all due to this album numbers ... and unfortunately, keyboardist Mark Stanway also not one of the party.

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