SWISSINNO 1,000,066 SuperCat mousetrap 4 pieces + 6 spare bait (garden products)

Customer Review

It survived three entrained from Buaernhof mice in my trunk and some shredded. In order to prevent worse, I have for the time being fed and used live traps: lean success: in the case of metal mesh traps was only one, in the Wooden / no only.

SWISSINO BROUGHT complete success, but only twice. The third mouse was still alive, and I do not know how long she had been trapped because I had checked only once every hour. Not a nice feeling to be to Tierquälerin. Imagine the pain that had to endure the animal and the panic .... The help out not my dream.

ACTUALLY I AM FOR LIVE FISH AND DEPORTATION .... The lure of SWISSINO is awesome, the clout of the case is not strong at aussreichend mice.

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November 9
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August 24
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