Flexible system, ideal for the road

Flexible system, ideal for the road

Nikon 1 S1 System camera (10 megapixels, 7.6 cm (3 inch) LCD display, Full HD) Kit incl. 1 Nikkor 11 to 27.5 mm white (Electronics)

Customer Review

The Nikon 1 system series represents a compromise between conventional DSLR sensors with the APSC format and compact or bridge cameras with mini-sensors the size of 1 / 2.3 inches.

Specifically to fit the CX-bayonet was developed by Nikon, so that its own range of exchange-optics has been launched for this series.

The sensor is significantly greater than that of Kompatkameras, and the resolution was fortunately left with my camera model Nikon S1 at 10 megapixels.

I have tested several objectives:
- Nikkor 11 to 27.5 as a kit lens (. Complies 30 to 75 mm KB equiv.)
- Nikkor 18.5 / f 1.8 (equivalent to 50 mm KB equiv.).
- Nikkor 30-110 (. Acc 80-300 mm equiv KB.)

The picture quality is with all lenses good to very good.
Chromatic aberrations (purple or green Frabsäume to contrast edges) I could not find a particular sensitivity to scattered light also not.

All lenses feature Superior as sharpness, a high degree of color fidelity and a natural contrast image. With the 18.5 / F1.8 and the 30-110 can also be waivers of the photographed objects do that the result a "Professional Touch" miss (very nice bokeh). Naturally, because of the smaller sensor does not like a APSC DSLR, but significantly better than a compact camera incl. Expensive models such. B. Olympus XZ-2.

The image stabilizer is, as with Nikon DSLR also common, housed in the jew. Lens. The model 30-110 z. B. has a very powerful stabilizer, the recordings can be easily succeed with effective 300mm focal length.

Pleasing is the low tendency of the so-called. "Picture noise". Up to ISO 800, the images seen in critical Belichtugssituationen (dim lighting, shadows) very good, with some treatment it'll work with ISO 1600 quite well.

The images can be optionally save it as a RAW NEF format so that lossless adjustment or correction is possible.

The autofocus works as a so-called. "Hybrid Auto Focus" as a mixture of contrast and phase AF. Result: Very fast focusing, while almost no dropouts. In this respect, the S1 is exemplary and superior to most other cameras.

From this model, there are several versions, namely V, J and P.
They differ mainly by the type of controls incl. Viewfinder.

My model S1 is the most compact and therefore very nice on the go. At Bedienelemengten you have saved so that you for each setting (eg. Change of aperture in aperture priority or change the ISO setting or change the focus method) must always go in's menu.

That's definitely awkward, but thanks to the clear menus not really bad.

The monitor is easy to read and adjustable so that you can see everything even with sun.
An optical viewfinder does not exist (but the has the V-model).

Built in the S1 is a flash that offers a very good Ausleuchtubng for normal situations.
My tip: For existing daylight or candlelight calm the flash to lighten use, but this enable the "Night Portrait". The camera then calculates a while after shooting and the result is a beautifully composed light that does not distort the original natural atmosphere.

Another accessory I have allowed myself, namely the adapter FT-1. It can be used conventional Nikon lenses for DSLR connect to the small S1.
Since I have long Nikon DSLR's use and therefore has accumulated a number of lenses, which was an ideal fit for me.
The crop factor is 2.7 - one has thus with an optical 50 / F1.8 actually a telephoto with 135 / F1.8 or the zoom lens 18-200 is the Super Zoom 50-540 mm.

I use the S1 as Mirrorless, and thus passive system like in cycling to shoot pleasing pictures. The system is of course ideal for air travel, because it is much smaller and above all lighter than a comparable DSLR equipment.

Conclusion: Much better than compact cameras, flexible by interchangeable lenses, smaller and lighter than conventional DSLR with APSC format.

Who has a need for a small, lightweight and powerful this system, the S1 or because of another operation of the sister models should look even closer.

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