Foldable Bluetooth keyboard with aluminum housing, many special keys and a fair price.  Great for media PC's or TV's

Foldable Bluetooth keyboard with aluminum housing, many special keys and a fair price. Great for media PC's or TV's

EC Technology® Wireless Folding Bluetooth Keyboard with Wireless in the ultra portable design Portable with Bi-Fold with QWERTY keyboard layout, and built-in polymer battery Keyboard for iOS Android Windows Tablet PC Smartphone and so on. (Electronics)

Customer Review


I want you / you describe here is my experience with the foldable Bluetooth keyboard of EC Technology.

Delivered is this. In a cardboard package with a micro-USB charging cable and a Quick Start Guide in several languages

The Bluetooth keyboard is unfolded 25cm wide, 9.5 m deep, with the hinges 1.3 cm high and weighs, despite the elaborate design lightweight 185 grams.
The special thing about this keyboard is certainly the pliability and the associated possible reduction in the proportions.
When folded it is just 14,3cm wide!
The mechanism is simple and effective, just open the two halves outward.
The keyboard then even goes on automatically.

It is made on the key side of matte black plastic.
The back consists of grayish-brown aluminum and the rear hinges made of gray plastic.

The keyboard has small rubber feet which act very slip-resistant and sensitive aluminum bottom conserve.

The top row of keys is assigned twice. The special keys for better recognition (normal function) and blue (special function) labeled.
Pressing the Fn key on the bottom left operating system and device-specific functions can be called.
On my Android tablet (Galaxy Tab 10.5 S) eg Home, Search, Play / Pause, Skip + / skip buttons and Vol + / Vol + and Copy & Paste.
The Windows-specific special F1-F12 keys are available there.
(Via FN and one of the keys Q / W / E can be the way the respective operating system schemas for Android, Windows and iOS appeal directly).

The keyboard layout is unfortunately not explained in the accompanying Quick Start Guide.
The manual itself is altogether a joke, it is peppered with crude grammatical and content errors.
Even in the English part (where I still expect the best accuracy) is partially surrounded by a Bluetooth Speaker spoke instead of a keyboard!
This must not happen and should be urgently improved.
Here the marketing and quality management of EC-Technology leaves unfortunately a bad impression.

Unlike the keyboard itself, because this is also a perfect addition to the normal application on Smartphones & Tablets adapted a multimedia PC or a TV to control or to use (like my Samsung UE55H6470).
When not in use the keyboard can namely be space-saving stowed almost anywhere.

The Bluetooth pairing / coupling works very well.
After opening just press the FN key and the C key (with the Bluetooth Special symbol).
Then the upper left button begins to glow blue and the keyboard can then be coupled as usual with the smartphone / tablet / TV. It is a device called "Bluetooth keyboard" appears, then just enter the number displayed may string on the keyboard, press Return / Enter and finish.

That worked without any problems with all smartphones / tablets that I have here at home in the access (including Note 3, S 5, S Tab 10.5, Tab 4 8.0).
The successful coupling is then always immediately available when they brought the respective device with Bluetooth activated in the vicinity of the turned-on keyboard.

Even the Standby the keyboard works simple. After a good 10 minutes, the keyboard switches off automatically but a short press wakes you right up again.

The specified duration in use is indicated in the instructions of 64 hours in the Amazon Product Details but with 80 hours. Again EC Technology should be the correct facts.
When in standby it is the way to instructions bear good 110 days, which so far I could not check :-)

An optical battery warning when the battery is coming to an end is commendably available. Then the right LED flashes in red below.

The internal Lithium-Ion battery with 200 mAh is the included micro-USB charged via the centrally top-mounted micro-USB port and cable in 2 hours, which in time also fit me ..
Charging is indicated by the right LED with red light. After fully charging it goes out.

The specified lifetime of the lithium battery of 3 years should not be interpreted that this keyboard has to be thrown in the trash after 3 years.
According to EC Technology is after 3 years of normal use with a slowly fading battery power and unlikely to be a total failure. This corresponds to the information provided at arm's Li-ion batteries.

If you have the Bluetooth connection is successfully made, it can be great to work with the keyboard.
The pressure points are good and easy to read keys are comfortably far apart.
However, a number field and a button for removing are not available.

A bit disturbing I find the hinges on the 3, the 0 and Alt and Win Right.
The hands are placed there but felt on or to get it involuntarily.

The range of the direct connection is good 5-8 meters, between two rooms at 2-4 meters, it comes with me to disconnections.
Thus, the keyboard can also be used eg with televisions or media players in larger rooms.

All in all, I recommend this Bluetooth keyboard of EC Technology very.
The keyboard is mainly due to their very good quality / processing and the cool and very practicable folding mechanism at a really fair price an absolute buy recommendation.

From me like .. the full five stars for this really good product

I hope this review could assist you in your product decision ....

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