For a combination device of this washer dryer is really great!  - FIX for Service

For a combination device of this washer dryer is really great! - FIX for Service

Samsung WD906P4SAWQ / EC washer dryer / AA / 1400 rpm / Washing: 9 kg / drying: 6 kg / white / sparkling active / Diamond Care drum (Misc.)

Customer Review

In principle, we prefer two separate devices: washing machine and dryer. But sometimes it's place technically not help, that's why we had the AEG washer-dryer AEG LAVAMAT TURBO L16850A3 washer dryer / AA / 4.76 kWh / 7 kg / 1600rpm / bought white early 2012. Unfortunately we had to this equipment not long our joy (technology - complete failure) and also the laundry was still quite cold and damp despite drying process.

So we were very excited about the Samsung washer dryer and hoped for a better result. Super it is quite possible that the washer-dryer can be quite plug what: It is suitable for washing 9kg (according to Samsung HP-but only for 8.5kg) during washing and 6kg laundry during drying. By comparison, our old machine "only" 7kg wash to wash and 5kg packed for drying. That is in itself great.

Convinced have us in everyday use, the many details that bring the washer dryer: This way you can wash up to 2kg laundry in 15-minute quick wash! Super, if something was dirty, but what is needed quickly. Especially with my husband, who has a lot for work business customer contacts, meetings more, etc., a wonderful feature. Also loved the "Refresh" program which removes unpleasant smells (and according to Samsung and germs that can not be removed with conventional washing systems) away.

The operation is really simple and not complicated, despite the details that you can choose. We think that's very positive, because we are so much more advantage of the features of the machine. When the operator is too complicated, it is our experience, you get used to only the most important steps and everything else is just not used. Here you can easily access all functions. These are, with their respective names as "mixed laundry", "refreshing", "drying" (automatic detection of the quantity and weight), "wool", etc. labeled (max 2 kg.) - Of course, one should nevertheless times before the manual to heart. On the one hand to corresponding details (eg should be washed in the wool program max. 2kg laundry) out, but also to the device to take properly into operation (should be performed an idle with some washing powder before the first wash). The manual is actually very good (often we had with some electrical appliances receive cruel manuals in recent times - but here everything is great).

The Samsung washer dryer features washing programs: cotton, easy, mix wash, Quick wash 15, stains, Energy Saving, Outdoor, wool (a prewash is also possible). It can still see the washing temperature, the number of rinses, spin speed and the program end time also be set. In addition, there is inter alia a foam-activated function (which is automatically activated, but can be turned off). Here the detergent is mixed with water and air, since the resulting bubbles better able to penetrate into the laundry - according to Samsung it will also wash at a lower temperature clean.

And yes, it's true: If you want to store dry his laundry to dry, so that will take 4 hours. Since the AEG device was faster - but that the laundry was then also not dry properly. So what do you prefer? I then prefer a longer drying process ... When drying way, there is the following options:.... Extra dry, low temperature drying, ironing finished, time program / time drying (30 min, 1 hour, 1.5 hours, 2 hours, 2.5 hours ., 3 hrs., 3.5 hrs., 4 hrs. and 4.5 hrs.). Only one anti-crease function is missing something, where we now were able to find no significant differences for devices with this feature - at least if you use the timer and the laundry does not lie at the end of the machine remains until it is removed. As a washer dryer so does not have a lint filter, it is important to wipe away the fluff, the fix itself on the rubber edge of the machine with a damp cloth after each drying process - on the manufacturer could also point in his direction.

We can not say much because the washing machine is in the basement over the noise. But what we've got with, everything was normal.

The device also has a program for drum cleaning. We're still curious how the beats in the longer term - in our oven we love such as the self-cleaning function and very possibly really brings in the washing machine, too something. The drum cleaning should be done about 1x per month, according to Samsung.

CONCLUSION: A great combination device that previously damn well like it! Both washing and drying results know to convince, the handling is easy and unintuitive. Highly recommended!

UPDATE 05/11/2014: Here are a supplement to the drying function of the device (I have some time ago posted in the comments):

Even a small addition to the dryer: In the first passages, the laundry was sometimes slightly clammy. Meanwhile, we have the problem no longer (I have already written above that things are dry). And we no longer use the now 4-hour drying program ("cupboard dry") but set manually for about 1.5 h a -. Often enough that things are dry (and usually I let the dryer just one more half hrs. to hrs. run ... but 4 hours. We use almost no longer).

UPDATE 12/12/2014: It is now after a year actually happening! Our washer-dryer did not know what was a real shock for us. The washing process was going on and in the middle he was every time canceled with the error message "5E". The water level in the machine, nothing went more (the water had to be drained via the Notabfluß). The measures proposed in the guidance solutions (foreign body trap clean) have brought no improvement. We have contacted Samsung and the service operation went very well. We were not long in the waiting. It only briefly two issues were clarified what it could even be (but everything was ok) and then a technician was commissioned by Samsung. For this we were again contacted by the technician himself and there was a deadline agreed. After one week, the pump was replaced (it would have gone even faster but we are working and therefore the date finding was not so easy). Then what happened? See next update ...

UPDATE 05/01/2015: (. Jmd but from the relationship the position held) Since we ourselves were at home during the exchange not, we have seen only a short time that the washing machine is still broken. Or Now we have another defect ("4E" - which means that the machine does not receive water ... although the faucet is turned). This week again to get a technician - we hope after that everything goes again. I'll keep you informed ...

UPDATE 11/01/2015: The hose was broken and was replaced by the technician. Now everything works again properly.

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