For baking cakes a hand mixer is much better, more flexible, space-saving and cheaper option.

For baking cakes a hand mixer is much better, more flexible, space-saving and cheaper option.

Bosch food processor MUM4655EU MUM4 (550 watts, 3.9 liter) white (household goods)

Customer Review

This food processor deserves in my opinion neither the many good reviews nor the good test results. Following is a brief summary for those who skim the reviews only briefly. Who wants to read a little more detail, including find my email, I, at Stiftung Warentest, wrote consumer protection and Bosch, including some excerpts from my Telfonat with the counselor from the Bosch Customer Service.

1) Brief summary:
Rasping and reaming worked for me so far quite well, but that is ehr the secondary function. Primary is my goal, with the food processor to bake cakes and help me to save the time you must definitely invest with an electric mixer. Here MUM4655EU failed in my eyes all along the line and is best suited for baking beginners or for someone who wants to achieve a medium magnificent result with little effort. Because the production of cake to work here (according to a statement from the Customer and according to instructions) only when all the ingredients at once in the bowl and run the machine makes. The result is a heavy, pappiger dough. The air that it needs to become a fluffy cake, arrives in this way never in the dough.
Allen, who like to try recipes, experimenting and want to have a perfectly fluffy, loose dough, I can only recommend: Buy yourself a simple hand mixer and let the fingers of kitchen appliances in general, especially from this. Or ask around a bit with friends or among relatives: Practically everyone has are an almost unused kitchen machine in the basement. For those who are still skeptical: you Look around on ebay, how much this piece of kitchen appliance offered and to what low prices they are sold.

2.) My email at Stiftung Warentest, consumer protection and Bosch
Dear Sirs,
I bought the food processor Bosch MUM4655EU via Amazon on 10.08.2013.
The decision was made after a defect on my old hand mixer. Especially do I choose because of the good test results this food processor, for example:
Test winner at Stiftung Warentest with a grade of 2.1 "Leiser specialist for dough"
Note 2.2 in, quote: "Thanks to an engine with an output of 550 Watt this kitchen appliance gets clear with everything." ([...])
And even at Amazon, there are much more acute than bad reviews (current extract from 10.21.2013):
5 stars: (155)
4 stars: (52)
3 star: (16)
2 star: (6)
1 star: (14)

Of course, I also read the bad reviews. But as everyone knows: There is no product without reviews. So I did the customers from the bad reviews than the usual sourpuss and left me - how many other buyers also - on the many good reviews and the good test results. Since I rarely make cakes, I did not think it necessary to invest a lot more money - for the rare use should a more favorable food processor with good test results be absolutely sufficient.

Now the department's been a little over two months and I'm just one more thing: How can these positive test results and thus get good reviews? That would interest me and surely many other disappointing consumer (s) burning.

The first batter, I've made it, was a pastry, which worked fairly, and I also since been wondering about the poor performance. The second use of transformed a piece of Parmesan into thin chips - again, I can not complain.

But last week I wanted to produce the first batter - an absolute Fehlschlag.Mein goal was no longer standing there for ten minutes with an electric mixer and the ingredients to have succession until fluffy. This time I would rather use elsewhere. The result is now that I need twice as long because I have to stop the food processor again, remove the cover, which carry adhesive on the edge of the butter in the bowl middle, then on again, and after 30 seconds again. Stir even after 15 minutes came out a mass, in which the ingredients were not even mixed properly - of foamy can be absolutely no question.

The engine operates at all only at level 4 useful and not even enough - then actually comes only deficient if one sets school grades as a benchmark. Even when beating egg whites to extremely poor performance falls on. One has the machine been running very long time leave (of course at level 4) in order to obtain a mediocre stiff egg whites.

The last attempt was to puree a fish stuffing in the mixer. The trial was actually a farce, the fish for a long time not. The engine started after a few turns on already burnt smell.

A kitchen machine, with which you can produce no batter? My conclusion is that this food processor is useless even for the very rare use. More surprising it is for me, how 'good' come from reputable testing for results. When the bad reviews at Amazon read through, I find the points raised several times. So I am not an isolated case. The good reviews I can not explain it simply.

Since I was unfortunately pass through the rare use the return period, I unfortunately only following solutions remain: I am selling the food processor on ebay and get like the other retailers to the 20 for it, I have not seen much higher bids. Or I will throw the same way to me to save at least work with the packaging and shipping. The 118 that I paid, are lost to me in any case. Of course, I can still give my review on Amazon, will listen to the then no other consumers - because the food processor so has good test results.

Love Bosch, I am deeply disappointed by your product. Has such a reputable company with many good products really no more ambition? I would defend myself as a manufacturer, however, that this product is presented as a winner - a client who bought this product, will certainly never draw back to a kitchen appliance from Bosch. Since the long-term profit and customer confidence against a quick buck are exchanged, which I do not necessarily think this is a clever strategy and find a great pity.

Love Stiftung Warentest and, I do not know how this result comes about, but I'm determined not so much rely on your objective tests in the future.

Dear Consumer, in times in which the products are getting worse due to price pressure and the buyer no longer knows who he can trust, I think it's extremely important that you committed yourselves with all your strength for us. Please ensure that tests really be objective and be done carefully, and that products that work this way flawed, are not officially declared the winner. For the purposes of the consumer wallet and the environment.

3.) excerpts from my telephone conversation with the lady from the Customer
"So to beat, only one or two eggs until fluffy will not do, it'll have to be at least three."
"You can not even beat the butter until fluffy and then the eggs, and so on, you must enter all the ingredients at once in the bowl! Here" (Note: Yes, it actually works, but so no air gets into the dough - as well?)
In my statement that my 20-hand mixer flawlessly beat everything, even a single egg, and with much more power: "At a hand mixer so is a food processor of course not tuned, which is after all, a machine!" (Note: As a 120 expensive food processor and does not come to the performance of a 20 hand mixer off, and actually tells me a customer directly into the ... uh ... ear?)
"For your special application the food processor may simply not suitable." (Note: I wanted to bake a cake What's so special.?)
"All food processors work so well as the kitchen-aid. So you can not beat an egg or just the butter until fluffy well." (Note: Now I'm really, really glad that I did not instead bought the Kitchen-Aid!)

Conclusion: For baking cakes a hand mixer is much better, more flexible, space-saving and cheaper option.

Update 03/05/2014:
Having the food processor now used for about 4-5 times as rasp for Parmesan and carbon, is the last Raspelversuch (there was a mini piece of red cabbage grated) apart like shredding disc, has canceled jammed while damaged the plastic frame and the drive shaft , Following is my email to the Bosch customer service and response. It was absolutely not responded to my letter, but I as a customer get an instruction how was I supposed to use the device. So it was my fault or the fault of the red cabbage, but Bosch can not help it, of course ...

Sent: Monday, April 21, 2014 3:12 PM
To: [email protected]
Subject: Complaints food processor Bosch MUM4655EU

Dear Sirs,

I bought the food processor Bosch MUM4655EU on 12/08/2013 through Amazon.
Now the rasping of a red cabbage following failures occurred: One of the shredding blade is loose and stuck, which meant that a part of the plastic article was rasped. In addition, the drive shaft is broken at the predetermined breaking point. I hereby would like to remark that I neither too much red cabbage in the machine had (this is by the tiny filler hole anyway impossible) exercised, nor do I have great pressure on the cut.

Summary of the damage:
Broken drive shaft
Damaged plastic attachment
Defective shredding

Amazon writes for complaint after the expiry of 30 days following:

For complaints that are made after 30 days from receipt of goods, the use of our online return center is no longer possible.
... We encourage you to contact us for the repair of your article first as part of the warranty the manufacturer directly ...

Therefore, I hereby would like to lodge a complaint directly with the Bosch service the food processor and please, let me take the necessary steps.

For this I am sorry to say that I am using the product far from satisfactory. Also the customer service could not help me. If there is the possibility of a (partial) refund the purchase price instead of a repair warranty, I would like to take this claim.

With best regards,

Answer by Bosch:

Dear Mrs ***,

Thank you for your mail. We are very sorry that your food processor is a reason for complaint.

As a security measure, the driver has been provided with a predetermined breaking point on the drive axle. For breaking (broken ejector wings or broken axis) can occur in the following situations:

Vegetables is woody
Jam Leftovers
Backflow in the outlet
Lubricates chocolate or cheese

In everyday use, this operation risk can not be excluded.

In order to prevent such cases in damage to the basic device, the driver was deliberately provided with a predetermined breaking point.

For this purpose, a small processing tip:

Catch larger amounts to be cut, eg. As carbon, on a tray on. A backlog can thus be avoided.
Freezing chocolate and cheese before, it does not come so quickly to heating by a grinding medium and the friction disc
is not bonded

Fill the feed tube before switching, z. B. carrots and turn the power off when refilling.

In case of breaking the driver is this about our customer service service shops or by calling the service number 01801- 33 53 04, Fax 01801- 33 53 08 (3.9 cents / minute from the fixed network of Deutsche Telekom) or via the Internet at [. ..] ordered. Please quote the E number when ordering. and FD.NR. of the unit.

Please understand that we share, for the reasons mentioned above no driver at the expense of our producers work or to replace for free.

We hope we have helped you with our information. For further information do not hesitate to contact us.

With best regards,

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