For each Emergency fan a slap in the face!

For each Emergency fan a slap in the face!

Emergency 5 (Deluxe Edition) (computer game)

Customer Review

Since the reporting by the publisher was the biggest garbage anyway, I did not even really even know if I should look forward to the game, or not.
In the end, the scenario has me interested - more maps, different cities, good graphics. Especially that the game is fully capable of modding again.
A personal Spieletest in August at the Gamescom and the two-time move the release date again, the anticipation killers were then par.
The großkotzigen announcements, which then could not be complied with, made the whole thing more and more unsympathetic. The best example is the proud announcement that the game at exactly 00:01 German time clock would be available on Steam. Preorder who have been waiting for minutes on the release Minute, know what I'm getting ...

1) Graphics
The graph of Emergency 5. Currently the soziemlich only thing the developers can be proud of ...
... As long as you can because playing on "high" or "Ultra".
I, the good as any triple A title can play to "High" or "Ultra" with a halfway decent system, have not looked bad when I realized that I can play at most play means. Better yet, it runs on "Low" and even then the game will not run very smoothly.
And quite honestly. If you play on low EM5, EM4, however looks back out beautifully. The textures blur so so that I have so often seen in this way, in a video game.
On medium it is a little more bearable, but still looks just ugly.
Who can play at ultra, can enjoy the good graphics. Currently, however, this is obviously possible only with a NASA-PC.

2) Technology
Occasionally one wonders where the 17GB come that eludes the game disk.
Also, that the game attracts about 6,7GB memory with me, is pretty heavy.
Even though the game might still look as good at higher settings, one wonders where this extreme performance hunger comes when the game on low Just looks so ugly. And so great is the maps are now not ...
In addition, players will have at the present time the honor, often struggling with one or the other crash or extreme bugs. This goes so far that one finds in some "major operations" shortly before the end, that it can not go on because of a stupid bugs and must therefore begin this completely from scratch. This is sometimes so far that you have to make a large-scale operation maybe 2, 3, sometimes 4 times. This is of course minimal frustrating for the player.
Also in between, while the smaller missions, you can have the good fortune that a use can not be completed because the medic team is too stupid to go over a bridge and the patient simply can not reach.

It may also happen often that the screen is black and the game is suddenly crashed.
Sometimes the game does even good 3-4 minutes to finish up. Clicking on the Main Menu "Exit", it's happened many times with me, that the screen is first 3-4 minutes gefreezed and the PC then so so is the abnippeln that you will never want to again start the game.

On the subject of pathfinding can say positive, but also negative things.
IF it works at all, it works well. No better in my opinion than with EM4, but good.
Unfortunately it does not always work. How many times has a RTW is desperate for me to go over a walkway through a park or because he simply did not want to go along the road. How often my TLF has caught between 2 buildings, because it sometimes just wanted to take a shortcut through the front garden of the neighbors?
Very, very, very weak.

3) Story
Now the part in which I've been looking forward most to vent about it - The Story!
Fear of spoilers you have here is actually not now have, as you have already seen all large-scale operations in advance, as long as you have followed the coverage more closely. Yes, you read that right! Man has seen ALL!

Was promised an exciting story and thrilling large-scale operations. One works from smaller, very varied missions and go suddenly the "big bets" seamlessly in this "free play" over. You should also be able to expand the base.
I can tell you: I've never been lied to by an advertising campaign for a video game so. Who a thrilling (or long ...) Story expected would probably be better served at Tetris, as in this game.
You start in Munich with the first "large-scale operation", in which a tram is an accident with a truck. The application is processed quickly and easily. At this point, makes you look at first no idea that the application may have been too easy to deal with - it's just the beginning. (I can promise you that much more difficult it is not!)
After the large-scale operation is carried out as long as from smaller bets until you have the necessary money to buy prescribed (!!!) cars. You get so submitted, you have a turntable ladder vehicle and a pumper to buy, then you can only buy these. If you have done this, start the next large-scale operation. And this principle draws this game through to the end. No playful freedom, not suddenly into play engaging large-scale operations and, above all, no base expansion. One may correct me if I'm wrong, but I have played through the game and I have not read anything about a base extension ?!
So it's the same crap as before - only slightly worse, simpler and shorter.
A change I had in between not really during the small bets. If I have a 10 times Boat fire in Hamburg, 10 times a defective electrical box and 10 times a bomber, then it's more than just boring.
The smaller inserts between the major operations are incidentally not randomly generated, but scripted. Everyone works from the same missions, in the same order from. Randomize it is therefore (at least I hope) his only outdoor game.

Now namely is the biggest highlight. Who is 20, 30, possibly 40 hours of gameplay with the campaign can now get immediately a heart attack if I tell you that the city of Munich all 4, Hamburg and Berlin whole 4 even has whole 2 large stakes! Madness, right?
The allerlustigste about the whole thing: pre-order the deluxe edition can feel quite kidding, because Cologne has no large-scale use and thus merely serves the outdoor game. ;)
For my case, took me 10 hours for the whole campaign. If I do not have to make 3 or 4 times the one or the other mission because of stupid bugs, and would campaign unnecessarily by this "small bets" been between artificially protracted, you can play through the game loose flaky in 6 hours. Something I've rarely seen. Even a game that thrives on the modding ability, something can not bring. Not for so much money.

On the subject of difficulty to EM-fans will also take to the head.
Newcomers or the "casual gamers" looking maybe about it, but the real fans like me are more than just disappointed that the missions are so so easy.
In some large-scale operations to be procured at the beginning of an overview and thinks "Hmm, what might still happen Emergency typical here, which makes it difficult to use me?" ... About 10 minutes later you're sitting there and then but thinks "What? That can not be really been?"
Yet, it has been. The missions are easier than ever. With blame for instance, is the fact that you have to treat patients with the ambulance, until the "health bar" is full ... but this bar remains full! Have you rumzuliegen somewhere 10 patients you treat each until the bar is full, then you can smooth it 'ne hour leave lying around there and nothing happens.
The bridges mission of EM4 (third or fourth mission) was harder than any large-scale operations in EM5. This would also have done my cat ...
I had not a single large-scale operation to make a second time, because all of them were immediately processed manageable and fast. Again - complete disappointment!

4) + Multiplayer Editor
For both I can not say much. The editor looked at first glance quite simple first and the multiplayer is just the same, as before. Simply a matter of taste.
I strongly hope that many talented people use the editor and conjure up a clever mod. The base game I'll never touch.

5) Conclusion
It is now today, unfortunately nothing special that all games need patches to run properly. Emergency 5 needs of a whole shovel more.
I do not know how the game will develop in the coming months. I hope that many, many patches will follow. As for the technology, it may be that it is quite playable. The campaign is to go and remains the ultimate joke, unless even large-scale operations are nachgepatched.
It is hoped that just appear strong mods like EM4. Because of it you can certainly do a lot.

A good game is for me out again that it is good even without the community.
Emergency 5 remains, for that matter, unfortunately, on the track and is without mods a very clear regression in relation to Emergency. 4
The campaign is crap, the technology is better than at that Gamescom version, but still abysmal, and the replay value is exactly 0th
If you were stuck with your fans only once and would have your audience is not changed to any casual gamers who have no idea of ​​this topic ... then maybe what would the game can be!

2 stars, there is only the hope that the game could still have a sense by following mods.

At the present time absolutely no buy recommendation!
Not even for half the price and especially not for the deluxe edition!

This review BEEN A day after the release date of emergency 5 DRAFTED!
ON THIS DAY THE DAY WERE ONLY-ONE-PATCH and a smaller 200MB patch is available!
Any subsequent fixes and improvements BY patches are not foreseeable at this stage!



To be fair, I must add again after this update my review.

There were a lot of bugfixes, the editor now works correctly, and finally allows the modding and above all this but very acute performance problems come to an end.
I've at least now on the highest settings any performance problems more - or at least almost. Also you can finally perform more advanced graphics settings.
However, the path finding, I find, after as well as before: Bes *******!

At the gameplay itself of course has (unfortunately) does not change anything.
Still the game is much, much, much too easily, the Free Games begin after about 10-15 minutes "random" inserts to generate (what is this?) And it continues to be just boring.
I'm going to give me the game at most times with reasonable mods or with a buddy in Multiplayer, but that really is the greatest feeling. That the randomly generated missions outdoor game after 10 inserts or start to really is the height. Since one should rather take out the crap with the highscore lists again, if that should contribute to the "fairness".

On the whole, the update is but well done and after all fixes many bugs, improves performance significantly and brings one or the other innovation with.
Finally, the vehicles back sometimes without a blue light!
Technically the game has so caught SOME again, playfully for me but nevertheless still not advise !!!

Cover Rank: 3/5
October 8
Again hoam of Hubert von Goisern Rank: 5/5
November 9
Small, practical, efficient Rank: 3/5
September 24
Excellent product 83 Rank: 4/5
April 18
Camera top Rank: 4/5
February 6
but powerful sports Rank: 4/5
September 14

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