For fries etc. a great alternative

For fries etc. a great alternative

Tefal FZ 7002 Actifry Fryer Hot Air Gourmet Edition (household goods)

Customer Review

I think the thing is a great thing and a great alternative to a conventional fryer.

It's foolproof. Throwing chips in, set the time to pick out French fries when the time is up. No hot fat, where you can get burned, and I must not stand by as my old pot, in which you had to watch out that the fat is not too hot and abfackelt the kitchen.

No smell of old grease more. In a normal fryer I have the choice either after each use 1-2 kg of fat in the garbage to throw (and also fresh hot grease does not smell exactly great in the amounts) several times to use or the fat, making the smell even nastier. Thanks to the hot air cooking smells not to fat, but just a bit after the French.

I do not find that the device is particularly noisy. My hood is louder and I no longer need to have to make fries. (From hot fat cooking a lot of steam out here that adheres very limited because almost no fat is off.)

The taste I personally super.
Frozen deep-fried are also hot air really crunchy and delicious. What you should consider - they are not quite as bold triefig, so the salt does not last as well. One trick is, however, the salt (and other spices such as curry) just after a few minutes to give this already when the fries thawed and are still moist. Neither fries from the kebab shop, still oven chips (without convection oven) can also compete only in the beginning.
Homemade fries and country potatoes are also great crispy and really delicious if done properly (wash, rinse and dry).
Chicken nuggets are totally my experience delicious and amazingly, not dry, but falls in the cheap, which dissolve always half in the pan, the batter during stirring from. Since you should make it a bit.
Mini-frozen spring rolls are in my opinion, perfect.

Cleaning is totally simple and straightforward. What I personally me, however, are spare the whole cooking recipes such as chili, etc., that I may as well get in a pot on the stove. This makes less mess and the only thing that would save me the fryer here, would be stirring.

Some complain that it would take so long. One should note that it is melted in the normal fryer also takes quite a while until the fat and hot. If the fryer is ready times, it of course takes only 10 minutes to the finished chips. Here lies the advantage of the conventional fryer. When the fat is hot times I can make a new batch every 10 minutes fresh fries. The Actifry each charge takes about half an hour. But the time of "device to turn" on "first charge fries ready" takes in both approximately the same length.

Not so great:
Etc. * croquettes However, though are delicious, are the once they are pretty smashed from paddle thawed. This is particularly speaks to my fear what Fast Nets fritters. I guess you could try simply to let the paddle away and they turn by hand after half the time once, but I have not tried that.
* Unfortunately, the device switches the timer when it is not expired, but only begin to be buzzing. A kitchen timer I'd also itself had yet.
* The Actifry is not as well suited for large quantities. 500 g frozen French fries fit in just fine and are really good. Larger quantities are then in my opinion not as tasty and more than 750 g frozen french fries or 1 kg of fresh potatoes I would not do at once. Since each charge always takes the same time it's a bit awkward.

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