For lovers of radio watches ...

For lovers of radio watches ...

Casio man's wristwatch radio controlled watches WV-M120E-1VER (clock)

Customer Review

I collect many years radio controlled watches, exclusive models, but
Watches, home hanging with me on the wall, or in addition to other functions also something about the weather betrayed (weather station) or
hanging up the arm.
The Casio WV-M120E-1VER is after a long long time again a
Watch by Casio, which I had loved as a young teenager.
Unfortunately, these watches had at that time (in my eyes) three essential
Disadvantages, to which led ultimately, that the life
the clock was limited and they came to the other in the drawer:

1.) The buttons were eventually inevitably broken (which had essentially to the various gadgets, such as stopwatch etc.
to use). We'll see how that behaves in this clock.

2.) The bracelet, or the metal holding pin, which
the same links with the clock, were eventually broken.

3.) was the clock battery sometime empty (digital watches can
Unfortunately, not raise, LOL), and the cheaper the clock, the
low motivation to go in search of hard-to-be procured and / or expensive batteries.

At point 1, the durability of the buttons, I can at this Casio little say (since I only been about 2 months have), but the 4
Pushbuttons make a fairly stable impression.

At point 2, the service life of the bracelet or the attachment to the
Clock: I had to smile when I look at the clock for the first time had been viewed as the attachment of the bracelet on the clock very
stable and acts on the bottom (this is the way to a
Plastic bracelet, which, incidentally, I find the comfort pleasant than
the metal bracelet watch my last) is even reinforced with a metal clip. A small drawback: because the bracelet rigid
is connected to the clock, the clock can not after the display
laid on top of the table, which would be helpful for charging the
Clock, more on that in the next point.

Item 3: The clock has a built-in battery, which is charged by solar cells as soon as light shines on them.
So you have to worry about a possible battery change, but only now and then ensure that the clock comes into the light,
with daytime and artificial light can be used to
Recharging, with bright sunlight, it is of course faster
as with artificial light in the apartment. Thus one the clock well on a table,
or the windowsill can put, it would have been helpful, could
the clock display can lie flat with the upward, which unfortunately
can not. This is a bit annoying, but the bracelet is so
stable, that this so increased by the stability and thereby
increased shelf life is recouped.

Otherwise, the clock has not only the usual arsenal of
Features: stopwatch, 5 alarms, timer, world time display,
Date plus the week, it also tells when they last their radio time
has synchronized or when it has tried it the last time you
can set the time zone. Best of all, you can even the clock
Match with radio transmitters in USA / Mexico, Japan and the UK!
Did I mention that the clock on top of that also Waser close
is up to 100m (or 10 bar)?

All in all I am delighted with the clock and can only recommend it to anyone!

PS: Incidentally, this is my first Amazon review, I hope you
is not too long ..

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January 9
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October 15
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January 29

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