For me: a cheap but good APS-C compact camera: D

For me: a cheap but good APS-C compact camera: D

Samsung NX3000 Smart System camera (20.3 megapixels, 7.5 cm (3 inch) display, Full HD video, Wi-Fi, NFC, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5, incl. 16-50 mm OIS i-Function Power-zoom lens) black (Electronics)

Customer Review

Motivation for me was that I was looking for a small system camera with a good wide-angle, which in my forthcoming stay abroad in South America in a larger pocket or the side pocket (not hip bag) disappear, my good pictures, and a possible loss / theft because of their low purchase price no doomsday is. My D7100 is too clunky / valuable for my project, my TZ25 limited to users regarding image quality, as well as the SX50 is but taken for Zoom / Macro anyway, and supplying a certain good quality RX100III or equivalent is too expensive. Ultimately, it was the / the prospectus of red technology giant, which has prompted me to buy the NX3000, because 199 incl Lightroom 5 are already almost pure material cost.: D: D

After 2 days of intense testing I keep the camera definitely, mainly due to the following features:

+++ Absolutely unbeatable price (been) compared to current m4 / 3 or APS-C models

+++ Compactness despite APS-C sensor

+++ RAW files at low ISO values

++ Using the supplied Lightroom 5 (but I had) is a RAW processing also now very possible

++ Folding screen is ne nice gimmick

++ 16-50mm kit lens just with 24mm WW, and is (even at maximum aperture) surprisingly sharp in the center, edges still ok (1 of 2 test lenses [had 2 sets bought] was left but unacceptably blurred and went back; this scattering I had in this price range but expected)

++ RAW files at medium ISO settings

Available + minimum focusing distance at 50mm (75mm KB) surprising nor for pseudo-macro

+ 1/4000 s is not always standard

+ Focus on light enough fast enough, though certainly not for sports photographers)

+ Battery life better than expected, to relatively cheap replacement batteries

+ Leather effect (a matter of taste)

+ (Not yet genutze) possibility of wireless transmission, for example, on your mobile phone

- No viewfinder, but you knew that beforehand already;)

- Lightning seeehr weak in the chest

- The oft-mentioned weakening contrast autofocus with just a little contrast and / or darkness

- AF-assist beam is also partially shaded by the lens or lens is in the way

- The non-mechanical zoom is halt ne habituation thing if you come from ner DSLR

- Detailed manual wiedermal print only to themselves (but unfortunately is currently the norm rather rather than the exception)

- JPEG files are generally viiiiel to contrast enhanced / sharp [but coming for beginners of compact cameras possibly precisely why perfectly;)], but often ironed much too smooth (because if one times further zooms in and it possibly also with the RAW file compares) when the noise reduction options has not yet been turned off (I would highly recommend). The JPEGs are by no means "bad", but just as they are already working on-that you can therefore no longer edit too much can, because as long as you want. For users without any desire / need for post-processing are as I said this (partly basic) settings (contrast, sharp, no noise) may absolutely ideal, and for A4 fortiori.

- Quite poor settings / options and "little" adjustment wheel / buttons (but please note the price!)

- Battery-charging in the camera ..... the plug securely holds no eternity

- - RAW files are processed definitely pros at high ISO values, so "no longer RAW" to be recognized as. Too bad a lot of potential given away. TIP: Switch off noise reduction options throughout, the RAW files are unprocessed this was significantly, even if they still do not seem then to be completely unprocessed. See also my uploaded where actually both sides the only show in Lightroom 5 opened and immediately saved RAW file; left and right without WITH switched noise reduction options. The difference is really huge !!

Must seen, not yet have the latest firmware, possibly some of my criticisms are thus already been attacked so. Or is there on the menu or turn off the options ne way some point even to change or. Just tell me the proposals :)

Overall I see the NX3000 personally as "unbeatably cheap APS-C-System camera with good image quality [for me as RAW Investigating] expected with something annoying but the bottom line can afford for smears". Since I have a Nikon lens park, I will certainly grow me no other lens of Samsung. I see the NX3000 therefore more than a cheap APS-C compact camera: D

PS: Had to delete the whole review and adjust again because you can not add more images in hindsight ..... pointless complicated MMN ....

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