For more 10th, prefer his older brother EP650 if you wear glasses

For more 10th, prefer his older brother EP650 if you wear glasses

August EP636 - Wireless Stereo Headset Bluetooth NFC Supra aural - Earphones with integrated microphone and rechargeable internal battery - Compatible with Mobile Phones, iPhone, iPad, PC, Tablets, Smartphones etc. (Electronics)

Customer Review

I tested two models of this brand for a while, and I am obliged to recognize that the price / quality ratio is impressive.
Nevertheless, when comparing this model to its big brother (see link below), we realize that for most of the 10th, it was a really nicer tool.
The EP650 I advise (brand):

Given its price, the EP636 is nevertheless a very good helmet will be preferred for its very low prices or for its superb design.

Audio test Summary:
Rendering is generally very good, with bass present without being invasive and crisp highs and not too garish.
The weakness rather come mediums which are indented. The voices are therefore somewhat muffled / remote from the rest.
Compared to the 635, the sound is very similar but lacks a bit of roundness. The sound insulation is less perhaps?

Methodology and audio test result:
I simply listened to songs I know by heart and gave them a note. I took as base maximum (10/10), the sound from Sennheiser HD-650 (300 euros)
London Grammar - Night Call: 8/10
Audiobook: 6/10 (worries mediums)
Shaka Ponk - Lucky Boy: 8/10
Diablo Swing Orchestra - Balrog Boogie: 8/10
Soundscape playing on Diablo2: 8/10

Battery life:
More 10am whatever some say. I fully charged and discharged two times and I did a test by launching a Spotify playlist of more than 15 hours a night. The next day, more than 10 hours later, it was still running.

Bluetooth Recognition:
I was nervous that the standard used 4.0 makes it incompatible with "old" smartphones using a lower standard. It has not happened. Recognized the first time without any hassle. I have not tested by the NFC against.
Connected carefree as on a Mac Book Pro and on a Lenovo PC over 3 years.

For me, who wears glasses, helmet-arms are too rigid. They allow the headset to be very well maintained but press too hard on the branches. If you wear glasses you too, prefer the EP650 which is perfect to him on that side, much better than a lot of other brands headphones, even 4 to 5 times more expensive.

Sound insulation:
The fact that the cushions do not cover the ears allows the helmet to not give the impression that you wear a cap. Despite this, the sound insulation is correct and allows to use in noisy environments such as transport. It will just push the volume louder than the EP650.

The arms do not fold (damage) but lengthen to stick to all body types. As explained above, the helmet fits comfortably and does not move one iota when it is deeply moving.
Advantage over the EP650: the control buttons are in relief, allowing to use it (pause / play, previous / next song, volume control) very easily, without having to remove it to see what is fact.
A small LED will blink continuously if it is used. This produces a light pollution markedly lower than the EP650 (which is all the play button flashing), but nevertheless, it is not always very nice when it is used in the dark in front of a screen ordi (fashion gamer for example).
Lighter and discreet than its big brother, it is still more cumbersome when the ranks due to the non-articulated arms.

Mine is burgundy, both matt and moiré. The pictures do not do it justice because this color is really beautiful. The finish is impeccable and, after several days of testing, it is always without any claw (yet I purposely do not be too cautious). Much more discreet than the EP650.

Test mobile headset fashion:
During my tests, I received several calls.
I clearly heard my interlocutors and they had not noticed that I was using a helmet before I tell them. So it's perfect. I have not tested by cons in a noisy environment to see what gave filtering out noise.

In summary:
Incredible quality / price ratio that makes it a master purchase.
If you wear glasses or are looking for better sound insulation, I suggest you turn to the EP650.
By cons, if you want a headset that combines design, lightness and ridiculous price, you will not find better than 25th model (as I write this review).
I tested a lot of helmet making 3 to 4 times the price and did not fare as well.

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His older brother I mentioned several times during the test:

To recharge it easily and quickly, I use a charging USB Hub on which I plug both my smartphone, my tablet and headphones. Load 4 times faster than the USB port of the PC. An indispensable tool for all those who, like me, have more and more things that recharge via USB.

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