For size and price the unit is very good.  A small big surprise.

For size and price the unit is very good. A small big surprise.

MusicMan Soundstation / stereo speaker with integrated rechargeable battery (MP3 player, Micro SD card slot, USB slot, iPhone / iPod dock) green (Electronics)

Customer Review

The device delivers a sound that is really surprising for the size and the price. Really a big surprise in small package.
It also scores in that it has a battery that is compact and in addition to the iPod / iPhone Dock also includes a USB port and MicroSD slot.

+ Many features: iPod / iPhone dock, USB port, auxiliary input / line in, MicroSD:

I have all the features, so MicroSD, USB, Aux / Line IN and iPod tested and am thrilled.
The audio quality is at the same songs with the iPod and Line IN / Aux best, but also the andereren options are fine, unfortunately, there is sometimes slight noise. If an iPod or MP3 player connected through the dock / USB can be started in most cases even be rewound before using the buttons on the speaker and, as well as the next / last title. - Super, just as one would expect.

+ Easy choice of functions:

The selection of the function could not be easier, you put a little, it is immediately recognized and even if something else is plugged in, or even running a bit is immediately switched to the new. Just great. However, you can also permanently eg a MicroSD and Aux cable, or USB connection.
When Aux cable for example, is automatically switched when a signal comes.
But you can also manually switch by a button. Are such as iPod and USB connected while two is only between these switches without having to turn on the inactive over it must. So you can feel the eternal press a function key such as in some conventional systems / radios.

+ Looks beautiful, good workmanship:

The device looks very chic, no matter what color it is, if I know correctly brushed aluminum and is processed very clean. The box is easy to operate, depending on the color, the label is not necessarily very easily recognizable, but what arrives on the lighting conditions and viewing angle. As the device only 6 buttons on the front has (from left Function (USB / SD / iPod), Play / Pause, Volume Up, Volume Down, Previous / Rewind, Next / Fast Forward), which is not so bad, because you quickly know where that key is no longer in any case and pays attention to the font.
On the back then the on / off switch and the connections, including a Line IN are (auxiliary input), so you can connect an MP3 player and an Aux / Jack cable.

The foot of the unit is (very thin, a few millimeters) of an illuminated by color LEDs plastic base. This looks quite nice, but not special, the base is not always uniformly illuminated depending on the surface.
In operation, the base (the LEDs or.) Lights up blue when charging red. When loading and listening to music blue and red, so it is pink.

+ Can be completely turned off:
Through the On / Off switch (slide switch) on the back of the speaker can be switched off completely consumed so probably no electricity. However, it should remember that batteries discharge themselves over time by itself, which is why you should not be necessarily standing around for months unused device, otherwise the battery may break, but that is with all batteries (including Li-ion) the case , I had the problem with my iPod for example. If the device is turned on, the base lights up blue. (When playing does not change this.)

+ Charge for inserted USB device and iPod:

An inserted USB device, such as an MP3 player or an iPod (via the dock, but also via cable to USB, which would be pointless, for devices without the dock, however useful, for example, iPod shuffle) is charged by the speakers. Super, the shop is also quite fast and if the device is full, it loses no more battery power. Of course, this means that the battery in the speaker thereby drain faster, but I think it's worse when the music source is empty, as the speaker. If you do not want to charge the connected device, you can just about this line in / Aux connect an auxiliary cable is included. Or you can use a USB flash drive or a microSD card.

+ Easy and quick recharge:

According to the manufacturer takes 3-4 hours full charge. This I have not checked since I have not used the device as long to recharge to it.
But when it arrived, I could not use because it was completely empty, so I changed it to a USB charger charging (USB chargers there are cheap at Amazon or in the electric business, but personally I am counting on Apple, because I the cheap chargers from China after a with a bang adopted (before about 3Jahren) do not trust. Even the Apple only costs 19 (iPhone charger when it is much cheaper, since you can be original as it may, most it is not!) and lasts a long time, especially, 1-year limited warranty and 2-year statutory warranty (for manufacturing defects) has (yes even at Apple, there are 2-year warranty, which is in the EU duty and is Apple now also so adopted.).
Anyway, I'll buy a cheap charger for 3-4 euros on eBay or Amazon, because they are poorly finished 1st and 2nd most times quickly give up the ghost, sometimes with bang, or even explosion. (I would like to spread no horror scenarios, but I have something already experienced.)

I've used the device 3-4 hours with iPod Touch (which was 10% fully charged), without that I had to load it.
In the charge status LEDs lit red in the base when the charging is complete will turn off the pedestal.

+ For the size and price a sharp tone:

As for the sound we are dealing with a real miracle. So much I never expected, especially not at this price. While it sometimes Crack a bit, which can start already when something comes on the iPod, or wobbles slightly on USB, but for this price it should, too. Pressing the USB flash drive, or iPod again right back's all good. At the latest after inserting again.
Therefore, can the take very good at this price. The sound comes in any case at cheap headphones zoom (low here = 10-20).
The built-in speakers of most phones and MP3 players are significantly worse. (Even the speaker of the iPhone and iPad I feel as bad, to be compared, depending on the model)

Of course you can not compare this unit with a stereo and even a micro system for 100 or more, but as an additional speaker for traveling or for other rooms, this device is good.

The beginning, the first 30-45 minutes the sound was not as good, then turn on the next time, however, it was much better. It should also pay attention to the room in empty rooms with little furniture it sounds, of course not as good as in a furnished apartment, but it is clear.

Clearly, a proper facility, or better speakers have better bass and treble, but listen for occasional music it is more than ok.

+ Incredible volume:

At the beginning I must say, I can not stand the loud music discos and at parties, but I do it sometimes also a bit noisy, our micro system I've often had at the border. This speaker but I can not make up to the ceiling, without ear protection, that's just way too loud and I think even for a small party, the volume is still ok. At disco volume there of course does not come close. But even at high volumes there is no crack or noise, although this is quite "normal" even in plants for several hundred euros. I never thought that a speaker is not even 1/10 as large as our micro system can bring such a volume.

- Poor manual:
The manual can be disposed of because it does not contain what is not self-explanatory in terms of the colors of the sockets is not stated.
Recently I have inserted a MicroSD card and the socket began flashing in blue, what has not changed even when playing. I thought maybe the battery is empty, have plugged the iPod, this has, however, charged?!?!?! I do not know what should be flashing this, it also does not come every time I have the MicroSD then plugged again and it has just geläuchtet. Funny.
However, the device is self-explanatory except for this weird flash, therefore that's ok.

+ Accessories:
consists of: charging cable (connector to USB) and AUX cable
An AUX cable would not have been necessarily to be expected, therefore, this is a +, however, is not just a very good, so I prefer my existing Aux cable out of business (retail price about 5-15, from Amazon 1 , comparable to the grocery store about 5-10) the supplied before. (The included among others thin and has a value of not even one euro, so when one of Lenny Kravitz.

+ Many features: iPod / iPhone dock, USB port, auxiliary input / line in, MicroSD
+ Easy choice of functions
+ Looks beautiful, good workmanship
+ Can be completely switched off
+ Charge for inserted USB devices and iPod
+ Easy and fast charge
+ For the size and price a sharp sound
+ Incredible volume
- Poor manual
+ Accessories

As accessory very good if you do not expect incredible bass. Volume is super and without noise.
Thus, I come because of the price and it provided performance to 5 star.
(This unit would also be for 30-40 still perfectly fine. If there is a brand name, such as Apple Fruit, could buy it intended for 80-100 and it would complain no one and that should not be a mockery, but the hint that this is a bargain really.)
(See summary)

Did you buy the device and you do not like?
You have at least 14 days time to send it back, with sales through Amazon and also in individual MarketPlace traders even 30 days.
This is usually easily, simply call in case of problems at Amazon and you get your money back, Amazon takes care of most of the problem.
So, it may actually be no bad buy.

Note (a few days later):
I have the little miracle now tested once in the bathroom in order to have music while taking a bath and I quickly put away and it fetched the Micro system. In rooms with no furniture (in the bathroom for example is located next to a bathtub, shower, toilet and sink only the washing machine, the walls partially made with tiles and the floor tiles, I think that reinforces the whole) you can use the small speakers only conditionally because clearly perceive scratching and noise here. Therefore, I do not close my judgment and will write something again in a few week.

the 9 is the best! Rank: 4/5
July 23
Good value, top design ' Rank: 5.0 stars out of 5 "height =" 12 "border =" 0 "/>/5
May 24
Pretty useless for its price Rank: 2/5
July 26
Impeccable! 1 3 Rank: 5/5
August 16
Always on Top 3 .. Rank: 5/5
April 28

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