For the band's history with no relevance, but an acceptable conclusion

For the band's history with no relevance, but an acceptable conclusion

The Endless River (MP3 Download)

Customer Review

First, the title in detail:

1 a rather boring intro without identifying
2 typical Floyd as an outtake of "Wish You Were Here" .... pretty
3 Outro
But 4 Electronic Drums and Gilmour Stratocaster ... not a "real" song nice
5 Transitional titles, more drums and effects ... good for headphones
6 Wright-keyboard intro for
7 piano-start ... then Keys, Gilmour and ..... yes, there is the typical Sax :-) bit overblown, but ok
8 again, "Wish You Were Here"? Nope, only to bridge part
9 short, nice but not a real title
10 again a short intro to
11 a short ("The Wall"?) Outtake?
12 organ-transition, Rick Wakeman is attending? ;-)
13 back memories of "The Wall", only with doubled guitar ... pretty
14 Piano, Keyboards, Steven Hawkins computer voice ... ok, but not a "Song"
15 Keyboard swaths .... again sick organ, like an over-long intro to
16 a sound bites, transition to
17 as well as a transition to more
18 aha, now he comes, the only (and rewritten) titles with Gilmour's vocals: the first "real" song ... quite nice.

You can hear many familiar elements of "Wish You Were Here" to "The Wall" and the announced outtakes from "Division Bell".
Rather a collection of intros and outros, or the leftovers of leftover sound snippets, little consistent song structures and often a bit eso Kitsch moderately.
But the typical Gilmour Strat guitar parts are again great.
Neutral considered not a regular album in unless relevant to the band's history.
As a bonus, the album would have been a great selling point for a final Pink Floyd Gesamtbox.
For hardcore fans (like me ;-)) still somehow heartwarming, you will stop at so much good recalls (self-citations) :-)
But 5 star ??? Sorry folks, this is not at all! How many albums are since then as "Meddle," "Wish You Were Here" or get "Dark Side of the Moon"? 10?
From Gilmour's point of view: as announced, he would obviously bow to Rick Wright, process the rest of the remaining material and say goodbye.
At the same time close to Floyd circle halfway worthy.
Seen from this perspective is that clear .... I think.

Update as of 9.11.
The publication of Pink Floyd would trigger high waves was to be expected. The divergence of views but apart so serious, I did not think. With all the excitement do not forget only one thing: whether book, movie, or just music .... all these things always subject to personal taste, and are therefore subjective. To this extent there is really no wrong or right, or good, or bad. At most like, or you do not! Thus, the interventions should stay at least objectively ...

Just Perfect Rank: 5/5
January 8
Head in and of itself is not bad Rank: 3/5
December 25
Stay away from this battery Rank: 1/5
November 13
A great ... Rank: 5/5
February 4
STAY AWAY! 8 Rank: 1/5
August 4

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