For this game you have to take up the cudgels times ...

For this game you have to take up the cudgels times ...

Test Drive Ferrari Racing Legends - [PlayStation 3] (Video Game)

Customer Review

I play very excited for weeks (low time budget) to this game. With the steering wheel, to hard. And I start with the negative aspects before I lobhudele ...

The gameplay is similar to Shift 2 and thus one inherits certain characteristics, notably
- The always slightly oversteering driving behavior
- Extremely sensitive collision query when touching other cars, which ruined the race in the majority of cases, because one departs.
- The not always easy to control, keep a car on track is a lot more work than GT. 5

It's a Ferrari game and so are all opponents only Ferraris, some all the same color, same start number. This gives a Atmoshäre-minus. But the results just from the concept of the game that way.

The graphics could be prettier, but you get while driving anyway not for sightseeing, because the handling is not always untückisch. (Polite words.)

The configuration options are unusually strong eingeschrnkt. Three handling models, the simplest of them unusable (feels the steering wheel like a fight against the support and can probably only be used by Gamepad racing game newbies profitable for teaching ...). The damage model is available, but not consistently ... rollover, broken rear wing, however, you can go on without great restrictions, well.

The routes are known (except for the historical) in principle from Shift 2, it is unclear why were not more accepted. But I found the reunion with the great Hockenheim round nice, reminded me of my teen years and the first GP Games ... ... HACH (similar effect at Imola, not quite as well set back, a shame that the F1 no longer stops short there ...)

But an end to critique her with praise: Because off the criticisms that's just once a witty game.
When you stand on Ferraris, it's just great, with so many different models in the history to races around, I'll instead acclaimed games gathering dust ... old Formula 1 cars on the historic race tracks (unfortunately too few), then without rear spoiler ... the missions can sometimes approaches of creativity recognized, it will even tell a certain story.

I can understand the critique on the level of difficulty only conditionally. The timelines are crisp (on hard) in general, but with exercise (all!) Feasible, as it should be. Opponents take degrees in the golden era sometimes reckless, but that can be avoided. On the contrary, I often feel that the race to medium or light not so much lighter than in Hard Mode. Only the timelines are more relaxed. In addition, the opponent intelligence varies from track to track, because you win once with 30sec Vorpsrung, the same field is to defeat at the next track with a lot of effort and extremely scarce. (In Silverstone - with the newer cars Silver / Gold era, in the bronze era that's still all a no brainer - make the always much smarter / faster than at other tracks.)

Strong buy recommendation for anyone who can what abgewinnen "Ferrari", and not desperate to Shift 2 are (otherwise there is deja vu). And to the developers, the recommendation: A bissel more polish and the same concept yet for another sports car maker ...? Sunday drivers / social players is not recommended and should shift 2 or this game get times from the video store to test drive ...

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January 4
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August 5
And it runs and runs ... Rank: 5/5
October 24

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