Fresh and entertaining

Fresh and entertaining

Finishing School 01. Etiquette and Espionage (Paperback)

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The pretty wild and inquisitive fourteen Sophronia Angelina Temminnick represents the household of her family upside down. Since her mother can not tame, Sophronia makes one day acquaintance with Mademoiselle Geraldine. At the urging of his mother, the director of Mademoiselle Geraldine's Finishing Academy for Young Ladies of Quality not only allow the youngest daughter of the house to a probationary period in their exclusive school decides, she takes them with the same. In the coach meets the grudging Sophronia on Dimity Plumleigh-Teignmott which will also attend the school of Mademoiselle Geraldine, and her younger brother Pillover, they take on the way to a similar facility for students of the male sex. While Sophronia very surprised by the comments of the siblings of the nature of their new school, the coach is suddenly attacked by hijackers. They call for the publication of a secret prototype of Mademoiselle Geraldine and start immediately the case of young people to ransack. Alertly accepts Sophronia control and initiates a daring rescue mission. The distraught Mademoiselle Geraldine is emphasized here as Monique, a student of the Academy in their final exam. She has only played the role of Mademoiselle Geraldine and should both the new students, as well as deliver the prototype in school.

The nearest stunning surprise awaits Sophronia, as the coach in the mists of Dartmoor makes halt. The Academy does not have a fixed location, but consists of a huge structure supported by three airships. To get on board, the girls have to ride even on the back of a werewolf. At the welcoming ceremony by three faculty members Monique invents impromptu lies a story of how she was responsible for saving the situation. Sophronia, which is used by their older sisters the procedure, refrain from correcting their version of events. When the teachers of Monique want the prototypes, the were after the pirates, this is but cross and demanded in return a certificate of completion. Sophronia and Dimity can not explain what has ace up his sleeve and Monique are very surprised that they can make a claim to so without being thrown out of the airship. However, neither the teacher can bring the location of the prototypes in experience, yet gets Monique graduated. Instead, they will be downgraded to newcomers and thus Sophronia and Dimity, in the hope that they are over time in small. As Sophronia is then introduced to the real director, there is a renewed attack the hijackers, arriving this time in much greater numbers. Make the Academy an ultimatum. In three weeks they want to get handed the prototype or there is a massive attack on the school.

Meanwhile, Sophronia has understood that the girls in Mademoiselle Geraldine's educational institution not only labels but also everything is taught on espionage and murder imaginable. A fact that seems to be in no way surprising for their classmates. Send their families their offspring for years to Mademoiselle Geraldine that is left even of the true nature of their school in the dark. Sophronia and Dimity are tired of not knowing what it is in the mysterious prototype. So they decide to take self-determination and maybe even find out where Monique was hiding him.

Gail Carrigers new series is fresh and entertaining. Etiquette & Espionage plays about two decades before the Parasol Protecectorate / Lady Alexia-books, but readers who are familiar with this, some people and inventions will be familiar. The nine-year old Genevieve Lefoux is particularly well done. She's a little rascal, one can immediately close to the heart. Unlike the Parasol Protecectorate / Lady Alexia books the main characters of the Finishing School novels younger and the content are accordingly also suitable for a younger readership. There are in Etiquette & Espionage no deaths and the figures indicate clearly sittsamer. The Flying Academy is an unusual venue. It's a bit unfortunate that the book only a few glimpses are provided in the teaching methods. Much of what the girls learn about espionage methods while respecting the etiquette, would certainly be interesting for the reader. But there will still be other books in the series. The second volume is still in November 2013 appear under the title curtsies & Conspiracies. It is hoped that the additional volumes can keep the new youthful light-heartedness that can be just the later Parasol Protecectorate / Lady miss Alexia books.

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