Good addition to the large DSLR

Good addition to the large DSLR

Canon EOS 100D Digital SLR Camera (18 Megapixel, 7.6 cm (3 inches) touch screen, Full HD, Live View) Kit including EF-S 18-55mm 1:. 3.5-5.6 IS STM (Electronics)

Customer Review

With the EOS 100D Canon brings a real midget in the DSLR range on the market, guaranteeing thus contrary to the rival firms, which set increasingly directed towards the mirrorless system cameras, which should combine both the advantages of a compact camera, as well as the performance of an SLR in a housing ,
For many potential buyers, the question is therefore likely to ask - does it ever so small a DSLR when the segment of system cameras and the bridge cameras is growing rapidly and will be improved?

Even me is this question bandied about in the long head. So I was looking for my next long EOS 60D for a second, smaller companion, which is ebenbürdig of the picture quality of my big DSLR. So I took some time a bridge camera accompanied (Fuji HS50EXR), but also a system camera (Samsung NX1000). And although both really good cameras were, I still usually resorted to 60D, because I was constantly stalked the feeling that something is missing me, or me, both cameras can not convey the same photo feel like my 60D.
Whether I have the EOS 100D finally found the perfect second camera to my 60D and if this camera could possibly be your trusty companion and to (secondary), the following review should clarify.


a) First impressions:
The EOS 100D comes in the familiar Canon-box, as I already knew him from my 60D, but just one size smaller. If you have worked through the beliegenden manuals, CDs and other paperwork, the impression of a little engine is confirmed. Because you take the camera from its packaging, then should ensure every once an "oh how cute" slip over his lips. For this is the EOS 100D compared to their bigger brothers really. I place the small beside my 60D, I have to smile every time. Probably really then with the word "compact" - you would have to describe the EOS 100D with a word. Eleven centimeters wide, 9 cm high, with angeschnalltem kit lens about 14 cm long. Stowable While not quite in your pocket, but still incredibly practical and safe in every small handbag.
Also surprised to the low weight of little ones. With approximately 400 grams for the housing, the Canon EOS 100D weighs straight times as much as most of my lenses. Assuming then 60D and 100D simultaneously in the hand, one of the flyweight character of the 100D jumps to almost. So actually made for an Always-In or Zweitcam.

b) housing and processing:
Now we come to the small housing 100D and the processing. Similar to the body of the 60D is also the housing of the 100D aluminum alloy and polycarbonate with glass fiber. Many critics who now say that Canon has certainly saved on the processing and that you hold a cheap plastic Bomber in hand, I can reassure. This is not so! The processing of the 100D is just as tidy as I by all my Canon EOS models (450D, 50D, 60D) was already accustomed. The housing also makes his aluminum-plastic compound a very valued and stable impression in which you certainly do not get the feeling that the same something falls apart. The rubber coating and the buttons are neatly into the case. I think that one has therefore at no time feel that Canon has saved in addition to the saving of the housing extent on the processing.
In addition, the matt finish of Canon me like very good - the surface is through this dullness rather insensitive to scratches (my 60D I use now for almost 2 years and it still looks as good as new good, gentle handling included.). Whoever does not intend to propose to the EOS 100D nails in a wall or to have them more often fall times, which should certainly have long pleasure in the appearance of the camera.

For many potential buyers certainly the most interesting point. After all, Canon advertises that the 100D is the smallest DSLR in the world. That may be quite easy on the purse, but what about the service?
Admittedly, who is a great DSLR accustomed as I, for it is in the first hours and minutes certainly once a conversion. How do I find but not an insoluble problem. The EOS is small in spite of its compact design, good in my hands. The fingerboard is more comfortable than I thought and leaves a pack sure the camera. My father had the touch, no major problems (as it looks at people with really big hands, I can not say. Here I recommend everyone to take the camera just once in the hand, when it is possible).
Possibly a little bit you have to watch with the ball of the thumb - which is when holding the camera on a majority of the buttons. Who pushes too hard, could adjust something here maybe. In my tests, I is the now and then happens is that I came accidentally on one of the buttons. What I find well over my 60D - the Preview button on the side of the camera is once again slipped into a position where they can be reached easily without knotting his fingers.
Slightly top-heavy the small 100D is when you turn buckled larger lenses. I had my Sigma 50mm 1.4 times more often in front of the camera. With 600g the good piece is well 200 grams heavier than the EOS. If you have also noticed. However, anyone who has steady hands and often times already had a heavy lens from the camera, the negative should hardly notice this circumstance. A little practice and you can balance the whole thing well.

Who has so far been used only a small compact, which should certainly meet and demand a little switch the EOS 100D.


The operation of the EOS 100D is similar with the other smaller models, quite simple and all buttons are within easy reach. Most buttons are located at the 100D on the right and allow the camera to operate almost exclusively with his right hand. On the left side of the camera there are only the menu and the info button. The pressure points are the keys, over my 60D, pleasing crisp and give feedback when pressing. Something I miss the thumbwheel my 60D. By contrast, the 100D comes with a directional pad. The operation is thus a bit slower, is, but to get over well with such a small camera. What I like just as well - the Mode Dial on top of the camera has no additional lock button, which you have to push in order to choose between programs can. One thing that I did not really like about my 60D even today - because who has that annoying button. Thank you Canon!

The Canon menu is cleared. Who knows it from earlier EOS models, the likely encounter little that is new. However, anyone who is absolute DSLR newbie who is expected to make quickly become familiar with its features. Total held user-friendly and actually almost self-explanatory (if need be, it explains as well the manual very well).


With 3-inch display of the Canon EOS 100D is as large as that of my 60D. For me, in practice for the first image Rate absolutely sufficient. With a resolution of 1,040,000 pixels, the LCD display of the 100D offers the same excellent resolution, such as the display of the 60D. Already here the viewing of your pictures is fun. The display is, as the saying goes, bell-clear and razor sharp.
What have I missed something in the first moment - unfortunately the 100D does not come with a tilt-and-swivel monitor like him 60D, 700D, etc. have. Anyone who has worked with it once, who knows what benefits the turning and swiveling may have in certain situations. With the 100D it is so again: purely in the dust and dirt!

The biggest change, however, the Canon has donated his new EOS models, the touch display. I must say, works better than I thought. Operation is smooth, the touch screen responds quickly to any movement and takes them liquid. While I can still live quite well without touch function and would not make the purchase criterion for my camera, but I must also say that the touch operation is a nice addition just in Live View.

Here I had to start a few concerns regarding the brightness of the viewfinder. However, this concern has not been confirmed in practice. I feel the viewfinder as okay and get along well with them. Even in dimly lit situations I have not yet realized all I wanted. Even with my old manual lenses focusing via the viewfinder is still feasible. I would say, a little behind the 60D, which simply provides a slightly brighter viewfinder, but by no means worse than the dark viewfinder of my former 450D.

AF - Autofocus:
Equipped with 9 focus points, the small EOS 100D comes. A little like some say, but I think in practice not an obstacle to focus quickly. If you really need 19 AF points or more, which must probably make friends with a larger body.
What I feel somewhat disturbing - from the 9 AF points unfortunately is only the middle one cross-type sensor. For beginners in the DSLR field certainly hard to remember, but who knows other AF systems offering exclusively cross-type sensors that will notice the small difference. So had the test, the 100D at the same shooting situation more often now and herpumpen until she could focus on, like my 60D, which is equipped with a holistic cross-type sensors. Especially in dim situations this has been felt and the 100D has often times a bit longer until I could trigger. Perhaps Canon donated the successor yes a little revised AF system.
Overall, the AF does his job but quickly in most everyday situations.

Image quality and KITLINSE:

First of all I would like to take up the cudgels for the kit lens 18-55 STM here. In forums this lens is unfortunately often times referred to as yoghurt pots or plastic bomber and usually advised to be what "reasonable" to buy. I would advise though - you do not hear too much on and try the small 18-55 only times out. It may not be the most graceful lens, but by its image quality and sharpness, it is absolutely convincing and does not need to hide behind expensive immerdrauf lenses. I like the new STM variant extremely well. Firstly, it has not only a quiet autofocus, but also reliably sharp. Compared to its predecessor, the 18-55 IS that were with my 450D here, provides the new, my feeling, less vignetting, CA (chromatic aberration) and distortion.
The Image Stabilizer operates as excellent and has not yet left me in dubious light situations down.
So if you do not want to start the same stuck a small fortune in new lenses, which should be quiet times gone with the 18-55 to ramble. Here the call is actually worse than the actual performance.

The problem with a strong rocking tube, as it was written in another review and as Canon probably also admit I have not been. My copy makes a good impression. Should anything arise, I will report back.

Otherwise, you can produce rock-solid images with the 100D. The 18 MP are perfectly adequate and with the proper glass in front of the camera can produce compelling, detailed images. Those who opt for the small 100D, so the need here also are not afraid that they clearly inferior to its bigger brothers in the APS-C area in terms of image quality (probably because the 100D has installed the same sensor, such as 600D and up ).

Other notable POINTS:

As you certainly could write a few pages about the 100D, but the time should rather be used for the first photo forays with the potential new, yet here are some points that I noticed when I use:

- Continuous Shooting to 4 frames per second. Not the fastest, but adequate for me as a rather landscape-oriented photographer.
- RAW shooting (but provides no further gradation in RAW as the 60D)
- White balance will work in almost all situations well (unfortunately, there are in the white balance settings no "K" option, with which one can regulate the Kelvin number itself
- Unfortunately, no electronic level that can be really helpful when aligning a straight horizon
- Battery: Has sufficient capacity for me and I'm so, depending on use, over several days or weeks.
- Videos: I have not done a lot, but in conjunction with the STM 18-55, the recordings can really see (max recording time is limited to 30 minutes.
- Noise performance: Here everything's alright if you do not overdo it. Shooting with ISO 1600 can be seen easily. Is it yet again in addition, there is software that is likely to have the noise in their place.
- No AF illuminator. Here the flash must first send signals to allow the camera to focus in the dark
(Unfortunately no direct setting Bulb for Long Exposure This must be selected via the manual program.) Many scene modes -
- Many creative filters to play
- Reviews of the images inside the camera through the menu
- HDR function integrated in camera - in my tests, I was pleasantly surprised. Steady hand assuming you get here good, lit and sharp images

Who, like me, looking for a second camera not want to carry around a lot of weight on his photo expeditions, but not want to miss out on the quality and settings of a DSLR, which is bound to find the 100D a loyal, space-saving companion. The camera also can be despite their small size and allows us confident even in terms of image quality and settings. Real Schnitzer does not make the small from the house of Canon. If there were criticisms, then were rather marginal, so that they detract from the overall performance of the camera does not appreciably.
Overall, a really solid small DSLR that is safe in the long term to find their place in my pocket and the safe should inspire even one or the other DSLR beginners.
All in all, I give good 4 stars for the small EOS 100D.

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