Good battery with higher power than indicated.

Good battery with higher power than indicated.

High BATTERY 6600mAh black for Samsung NP-Q320 Q430 Q530 NP-R23 R530 R590 R439 R440 70A00D E151 RV720 / R408 R458 R468 R510 SEG Q318 R519 R710 R522 R520 R580 R460 R505 R730 Hawk (Electronics)

Customer Review

I use my laptop (Samsung R522) mainly in the university, so this is almost in daily use. Due to the frequent use of the original battery has now nurnoch ca 1/4 of its original power, which prompted me to me to buy a new battery.

Having the battery, which fits perfectly in my model used, I first of all read the capacity, because I wanted to check whether the specified 6600 mAh are also applicable. Happily told me System Monitor 3, which does not have the battery 6600 mAh but currently 6880 mAh. This has not yet changed, but I will rectify the contribution, where appropriate, should change at capacity soon something. (Beginning July 2012)

The scoreboard is now the beginning of December 2012:
The read-out capacity of the battery has not yet subsided, it fluctuates constantly between a minimum value of 6600 mAh and a maximum value of 7000 mAh. The battery has been used in the meantime, a relatively large amount (an average of 4-6 hours a day) and is operated with or without power supply. The battery has never deep discharge with me (minimum value were previously 3%).

The scoreboard is now the middle of May 2013:
The details of the previous intermediate stands are still valid, and the read capacity varies more in the range of 6600 mAh and 7000 mAH.Der battery is since the beginning of more in use since I incidentally quite a lot working with Photoshop, etc., which I have a useful life would take from 6-8 hours per day, in addition to quite a few times when the battery is exposed to heavy loading by rapid discharge (batch processing in Photoshop etc. which provide 100% CPU utilization and high utilization of GraKa) thus is also the number of charge cycles increased.

The score is now mid August 2013
The battery takes from now on power, it now fluctuates between 4000 mAh and 6000 mAh

The score is now beginning November 2013
The battery varies now 20-25 mAH, but this can no longer be accessed as before the voltage drops too far and assumes the laptop directly. However, I must say that the battery is really used very strong and the laptop often offset only in the idle state and has not shut down completely.
I'll put new in the near future Windows and then try to work out the battery to see if it is possibly also on Windows storage that I not suppose but still may be possible and report in connection here with the result.
Regardless, I should mention that the original battery has kept about 2 1/2 years with me, whereas this has held in about 17 months ~ 1 1/2 years, however, was this used much more intensively. Considering my usage behavior already described, I believe that the battery has reached a sufficient lifetime and therefore'm going to the same model down again. You can find more updates thereto under the remainder of the original review.

The accompanying pictures show that the battery is much larger than the original battery, which I personally do not feel, however, disturbing. The laptop still fits in my laptop bag, which is probably the case with all those who have chosen not too tight pocket. If I have less space I just put the original battery in the laptop and take the spare battery with separately, which also is not a big problem.

By using the spare battery is also reduces the temperature of my laptop since it is due to the fact that he no longer completely rests better ventilated.

Increasing the back of the laptop means that the keyboard is inclined slightly, I generally welcome, but this is accompanied by a problem that you should just be aware as a student. At least at my university the blotters are beveled at the places, which by the laptop leads along with the increase, he really is very slanted, so I sometimes have problems to fold up the monitor far enough to see relaxed can. This should, if appropriate, before try with his laptop, if you frequently work at a place that is already slanted and reflecting on the acquisition of this battery.

Unfortunately, my laptop the rubber feet have fallen some time ago one after another, so who are under the battery currently the only ones who prevent him slipping on. In the respect is due to the non-central battery position when R522 the problem that he begins to slip partially unilaterally what you however can not really blame the battery because as I said the two front Rutchpads laptop currently missing.

All in all, a good battery I can only recommend.

Update mid November 2013
I have now ordered a second battery, because I was very happy with the performance. Based on the described problems I have again reported me by my dealer (Trade shop), which expressed at least want to exchange the battery. So far I have not yet submitted it, so that later another update.
The second order Battery has values ​​of 6990 mAh - 7200 mAh on, so it has again a higher capacity than specified. WEAR the level is, according to NHC at 4%.

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