Good - but can annoy!

Good - but can annoy!

VTech 80-108904 - learning computer Emils journey of discovery (Toys)

Customer Review

My daughter has been given that computer 3rd birthday. I do not think much of such toys - loud and obnoxious! But my daughter loves this part. The games are varied and also for children from 3 years are questions here that can be answered easily or with a little help. Some questions and tickets are still too difficult, but the computer is also still suitable for older children. What totally annoying is the "Emil" voice ... it shows probably only an adult, but the Panda repeated in his always friendly, annoying, always the same language emphasizing each sentence, if you are not after a few seconds press the answer button - and the again and again. Eventually he then give up and gives the answer, but until then, I've heard enough! Even my daughter is then sometimes annoyed because you can not really think at this constant blaring. Man is constantly hounded, finally enter the answer, otherwise captures "Emil" yes again to chat!
If one has not even really listening or was distracted, the repetitions are obviously useful. The volume can be regulated at least - good idea! The computer is now six months old and, unfortunately, the issues are now - except for ABC or equivalent - Become easy and a lot of cards knows our daughter by heart. Nevertheless, in between pretty and comes up with the children well.
We have concerned the unit for our godchild, since it was also quite excited about it.

Beautiful and durable Rank: 5/5
April 1
Perfect down but .... Rank: 3/5
March 11
Okay January 1889 Rank: 5/5
May 4
Very good product in 1199 Rank: 5/5
March 11

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