Good, but expensive precious solution for multimedia, for other purposes suitable only conditionally

Good, but expensive precious solution for multimedia, for other purposes suitable only conditionally

Acer Revo One (RL85) Desktop PC (Intel Core i5 5200U, 2.7GHz, 4GB RAM, 1TB SSHD + 2TB HDD, Intel HD Graphics 5500, Win 8.1) white (Personal Computers)

Customer Review

In evaluating this cube I was torn, it is highly depends on what you want to use it. As a multimedia station he is really excellent, because at a distance not only virtually but actually silent, on the other hand one can also assemble something cheaper even. It is suitable as a pure writing and surfing equipment, as a game machine, even for occasional gamers or as a gift for the child it is because of the weak and virtually non-replaceable Intel graphics card, despite a fairly modern i5 of the last generation (as of April 2015) for desktop use not suitable. The device is very small, super quiet and compact. There are two free hot swap space available for small 2.5 "hard drives that worked perfectly well for me.

The highlight is the Acer software for the remote control as a media center, the Acer Revo Suite, there are only for iOS and Android, not Windows. A pity, especially because the supplied with the device Windows 8 comes in the 64-bit version, too often annoys you about yes yet delivered with 32-bit Windows notebooks etc .. The included wireless mouse and keyboard combo works very well and liked I tactile and visually also quite excellent, the USB dongle mouse, see the way down in the same. As a gaming mouse cable fanatics I had to look first.

Built Seagate "SSHD" is a normal disk with a small flash memory cache, which is used very effectively - the device boots as fast as a laptop / desktop with SSD. For movies, etc., the greater and more favorable capacity of HD offers, SSD speed is not needed here. The hybrid disk I really like, for this purpose it is really an optimal solution.

The "Cube" is optically not only elegant, but sound-dampening built with sophisticated ventilation. Quiet and well ventilated, small but perfectly formed! Here is also the rub: A modern graphics card does not fit already pure sized pure, can be retrofitted to best RAM (but must then replace both banks, 2x2 GB are installed) and just two more hard drives. There is no space for Bluray / DVD / burner, but you can indeed necessary to connect as an external solution via USB. WARNING: The second "+ 2TB HDD" was installed on my test copy NOT. I hope at selling copies is not the case and Amazon / Acer improve here the Specification according. Disturbing I noticed the abundant pre-installed bloatware.

Conclusion: 3.5 stars, I round four on. Reason: Although very beautiful, but also very expensive and only limited added value compared to cheaper solutions.
I use the device very much and can also imagine an office use. Even for casual gamers is the graphics card simply not enough, hobbyists / geeks / gamers build rather own a better extensible system. Or just a multimedia server. Much cheaper, though perhaps not so quiet and beautiful. For Otto-Normal-TV gazers and cineastes are Apple TV / Fire TV, a Fire Stick or very conveniently streaming via Amazon Prime / Netflix and app on the TV, however, is more than adequate, sophisticated user could but probably like to prefer instead a Bluray player or a PC solution with Bluray + burner.

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