Good, but still some drawbacks

Good, but still some drawbacks

Avision Miwand2L PRO mobile scanner (600dpi, 4.5 cm (1.8 inch) LCD, USB 2.0) gold (Accessories)

Customer Review

I wanted a scanner with which I can easily and quickly scanning pages from books without damaging the book. The really good book scanners are very expensive and the cheap suck.
So a hand-held scanner is there a good cheap alternative.

The Avision Miwand2L PRO is the only known to me hand scanner that can scan as close to the book fold (less than 2.5mm). For this reason, actually 5 star. As a format you can scan in jpg or pdf in 300/600/900 dpi. However, the 900 dpi only work with the handset and not the feed station. The microSD card on which the scans are stored, you can easily pull out and then, if you connect a card reader or USB adapter to your computer. Of course, but you can also connect all the scanner to your computer. For a very short mini-USB cable is included in A-plug. However, this is only 0,52m long and thus is much too short for practical use. On the positive side, that the power supply included with three adapters, so you can use your device abroad. As software were with me Nuance PaperPort SE 14, Magix Photo Designer 7 MAGIX Video easy SE and the Magix Photo Manager 10 with (free registration required).

Scanning by hand works well, at least if you can hold the scanning material while scanning. If you are scanning a book page, it sometimes happens when layering to curl a sheet and the scan is then wrong. Even so, it happens sometimes that one scans the sheet wrong. Mostly it works well. But it all depends on what quality you would expect. At the rate I had never been to watch that works well. A single sheet or a few stapled sheets can be personalized with the hand-held scanner, however, almost no scan, since you have to hold up the sheet. But you have to start up and the scanner, so that does not work then. For single sheets, there is the collection station to which you unfortunately can not necessarily rely on.

Overall, the scans are okay, but nothing more. My old and inexpensive flatbed scanners is still significantly better in terms of sharpness, color fidelity and detail. And even this was actually rather below average. But with the Avision I indeed wanted to scan any photos but rather documents / pages, and this is the scan quality on the whole fine.

I've been thinking a long time but I have to deduct 2 stars - in the hope that there is a successor which is better.

The following things I have to complain about:
- The color blue is rather scanned with me as turquoise and monochrome surfaces obtain a pattern. I've done a centering, but this yielded no improvement.
- The catchment station pulls the sheet wrong one when the blade edge is curled slightly. This is done by a small edge at which a part of the paper gets caught short. The problem is that the sheet is then pulled to the edge and thus at best, wrinkled even more. If you're unlucky, a plan is created, etc.
- The catchment station only works with power adapter. I would have liked that you could also run this on the battery. A few pages with battery, yet are better than none.
- The LCD screen as a thumbnail is a joke. When an image is scanned, it will appear on the screen. One can best recognize in this that one has scanned something. But in which quality is not at all apparent. Therefore you have to look at the image only on the computer. But here begins my problem. I need to sequentially scan by hand from a book sometimes 30 pages. So I scan the 30 pages and look after as it has become. Then 7 pages are not as desired, do I have this scan again. Then I look at this back into the computer and it must possibly scan until it is as I imagined it again. This back and forth takes time. If you were the picture really can already see on the LCD screen, the lot would save time. The screen must therefore be necessarily larger and high resolution.

Battery performance I've can not determine exactly, since I had to scan some pages repeatedly. I would appreciate to 250 to 300 pages in color. Actually very good. Also charging always went quickly - so 1-2 hours. To be exact, I had to make the battery once completely empty.

If you want to scan books and not have to spend around 1000 euros for a book scanner, you're good at it, especially because it can scan very close to the book fold with the Miwand2L PRO. Mir is currently no known hand-held scanner that this also can be so close. Unfortunately, there is above-mentioned drawbacks. A screen where you can actually see the scan, would bring significant time savings. The feed scanner should also work reliably, so that you do not always get the same high blood pressure, if you use these. Important documents I already trust no longer to scan me with this. If so want to scan someone mainly single, loose pages, he should better buy a reliable document feed scanner.

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