Good, but takes some time to gain momentum

Good, but takes some time to gain momentum

A Clash of Kings: A Song of Ice and Fire: Book Two (Paperback)

Customer Review

The Second Book of Martin's famous saga begins where the first novel ended - with the continent in Westeros was the remaining houses struggling for power and individuals spinning political intrigues. When I started reading CoK, I had the impression did the story of the book had some difficulties to get started and to gain momentum. For me, there not much tension in which the first 200 pages. Now after finishing the book, I Can Say That I enjoyed Martin's work and indeed I am looking forward to the sequel - Although I will pause a little bit, AS 1000 pages keep myself quite busy. If you liked the first book, so you will like CoK. The different points of view are quite interesting and you will find at least one or two characters to identify yourself with. Additionally, many chapters end with little cliff hangers, so once started, the book can be a real page-turner (after the first 200 pages).

Unfortunately there are some minor flaws so: Still, I do not like that Martin spends a lot of time Precisely Describing the clothing of every protagonist. Altogether, Martin loves name dropping, in every aspect: The Sea Battle at Kings Landing is most confusing as the author enumerates at least 30 different names of ships. After That passage, I thought did Martin's skill in battle scenes Describing dropped below zero. But some pages later, the fight of Tyrion is portrayed in a very compelling way. So never judge too early! What I did not like so is the non-progression of the story around Daenerys - There Is No real development and most of the chapters about the young woman are simply boring Targa Ryan. I hope there will be more advancement in the third book. But overall, I recommend also the second book of 'A Song of Ice and Fire'. Besides, it is Certainly a good preparation for the next season of the HBO series.

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