Good, but with some flaws

Good, but with some flaws

Varta LCD universal charger for AA / AAA / C / D / 9V and USB devices black (Accessories)

Customer Review

Basically a very good and reliable universal charger for all standard battery sizes incl. 9V.
Well made and works flawlessly to date in all respects.

However, here are some points that I noticed negative:

- AA, AAA, C and D batteries must always be charged in pairs, the loading of individual batteries is not possible (except 9V). This fact can be requested neither on the packaging, product description or the website of Varta, only in the manual.
- Manual is pretty meager. What eg. As a delta-U is shut down, and as the overcharge protection will not work explains, but also not so bad.
- Charger has no discharge function, but was previously unknown to me.

As I said, otherwise a solid and reliable device. I would definitely buy again, especially for the reasonable price.

Addendum of 05/05/2014: On request from Varta has informed me that loading 9V block any Delta-U is overload fuse actively engages due to the small adjacent charging current of approximately 34 mA only the timer switch-off after about 8 hours. Thus, should, in order to avoid a possible overload, not half-empty 9V batteries are charged. Also, there are 9V block with different capacity (200 mA and 300 mA), after 8 hours of 300 mA battery would not be so very fully charged. Basically, not so bad, but I expect such information at least in the operating instructions or the Internet. However, I have the Varta support praise, because my question was answered quickly, correctly and above all personally.

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