Good, but with some (subjective) limitations

Good, but with some (subjective) limitations

Razor Electric Scooter Razor E300 Electric Scooter, Blue, 13,173,814 (equipment)

Customer Review

With the title, the bottom line is indeed almost taken in advance, for most people between 1.50m - 1.90m height and 50kg - 80kg weight is the scooter safely nice toys that are probably not used every day "makes sense" for such a low price need to justify its existence. However, I will return the scooter, why, I will explain at the end, but the first place, in somewhat greater detail my product experience from outside to inside:

Through Amazon / DHL. You have to say something else? Is always top.

Not exactly my most important criterion; A very large, but portable and sturdy cardboard which served its purpose well.

First thought OPENING:
Oha, who is even significantly larger and heavier than I expected. But it acts also very robust.

The tires are inflated (says the manual, which still needed to be done), so only the handlebars must be fixed using the supplied Allen key - a breeze. The folding mechanism is shaking minimal when folded down arm, but when the handlebar is bolted in "driving position", everything fits firmly.
The battery should be charged 12 hours according to the instructions before your first ride, made all problems; for my taste the charging cable could be a bit longer, but it is definitely in order.
The next morning the light was green on the charger and I was able to drive my first round.

Nett. Not awesome, but somehow funny and for people who like to be at the center of attention, certainly very helpful. BTW: In the center of attention of the police but one should therefore better not ask, STVO this vehicle is not allowed and therefore I was of course not on the road;) (NSA, not more here). Bin drove a little through my place, a few slopes were there; downhill brake is good, but often unnecessary, if you are not a gas, the electric motor decelerates already quite strong. Uphill but he is overwhelmed with my 90 kg, which is the essential drawback for me, but also does not apply to everyone. On straight track it is quite fast, would so tap 20-25 km / h and thus quite 15 mph standing on the package; in any case much faster than jogging, am not a negative impression on a bike path. The acceleration (safe again depends on the weight) moderate, a "anrollern" helps kick to get faster in the slippers. If you, however, in the slippers, comes the second drawback: loud whirring and clacking. The engine is anything but quiet, which I had not expected from an electric motor. Not booming, but as I said, subjectively on a quiet Saturday morning in not busy streets (uh, private backyards ...) one is a nuisance.

Yes, the scooter like me = 4 stars. The deductions for the heavy weight and the loud and for me a bit too weak engine I admit, even if they are perhaps not entirely fair, at least for my weight can indeed scooter nothing. But I must also say that that made me "concept" not entirely convinced, because the scooter is not for children (handlebar high and not adjustable), it is very massive and heavy (24kg when my back reminds right ... wear thus always up to the apartment is stupid, let him out but is not), just fits into a golf boot ... He looks like an off-road scooter, is not spring-loaded and not splashproof and fails on inclines. ... I've been looking for a City-Roller, quasi a transition between car and walk, small, lightweight and quiet, happy anyway also gradient fit. But I have to invest much more .... if I do, I have to think well. This scooter is good, but not what I was looking for.

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