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Good, effective system Parking assistance Park Boy Beep 10561, 4 sensors (Automotive)

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I am after the first few days with the built system basically quite happy. However, when using the pre Unterlegwinkel were often false alarms, so that I have this changed in the meantime against the average angle (was very easy from the outside, without having to remove the cables must). Now there are no more false alarms, however, low barriers (curb) will no longer be displayed. The highest alert level (tone) is reached at 25cm remaining distance to the obstacle. The rear corners of the car are well recorded.

The installation is actually very simple, this also applies to the connection to the electrical system. Several workshops wanted this (without the device and without the coating of the sensors) 350-400 EUR have, because of the need supposedly degrade completely the bumper. If you take a morning time, you can save this money well. Difficulties arise rather by the car, ie, you have to see how well you get to the inside of the bumper (I have not broken down the bumper!) And where you can lead the cable into the car. This planning work and trying out different installation paths have but then took several more hours with me, especially since I'm only an amateur handyman and have no idea of ​​cars. Therefore was very helpful and a mounting description for the concrete type of car from an Internet forum. Even the final painting with primer and paint from the spray went smoothly and did not affect the functionality of the sensors.

The delivered product differs from the Amazon product image from, the control is different and also the mark of the cable is different. The product came in a neutral white box. The instructions sheet does not fit entirely into the supplied system (but to the one shown in the product description), also will be parts that are not mentioned in the installation instructions. All in all, the installation but so simple that this is not a problem.

Bit misleading I think (as a layman), the Amazon product description. It states inter alia: "Accurate detection 0.01m exactly", "detection range: 0.1 - 2.5m". Therefore, I assumed that this system only when a remaining distance of 10 cm. the highest alert signaled what I call big city Parker took a great advantage over other products. According to the device enclosed description the high alert but is activated already at a residual distance of 39cm, more steps there are no more then. In practice, however, this threshold is me, at least at 25cm, which is acceptable even in tight urban conditions.

It was also the Amazon Notice "Frequently Bought Together", which made me the appropriate terminal connectors to be ordered separately, as not even displayed on the product photo, annoying as the system already Inserts the necessary two clamp connectors.

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May 18
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