Good game, but with some flaws

Good game, but with some flaws

FUEL (video game)

Customer Review


First, I must say that I got the game already on 27/05/2009 at a shop of my confidence. I therefore do not understand why the release date postponed again. But no matter. The game:

The graphics of the game in my opinion is not the best, as with pretty much any OpenWorld However, it is still extremely handsome, game.
The card in the game is very large and has many varied areas, the waiting to be discovered and where many extras, such as new vinyls or viewpoints can be found. However, it should be mentioned that a not ready from the beginning the whole map, but this is partly divided by transparent barriers. Another area is only enabled if you have earned a certain number of stars. This is earned by is career races at three levels of difficulty. In order to survive a race, you have to be first every time. There is not a second or third place. Therefore, it can already sometimes be extremely frustrating when you will be overtaken just before the finish of an opponent; particularly because many races are quite long and you then have to start over. Fortunately, you can get back to fly by helicopter to the starting line and does not need all the way go back. Are these barriers but first open, you can go without a charging time in the other area of ​​the.
Furthermore there are in addition to the career race challenges, in which you can earn Fuel, representing the local currency in order to buy new and better cars can. The various race modes are also extremely varied. In addition to the normal race or lap races, one drives for example, also a race against a helicopter by must arrive at the landing zone before the helicopter or you have in a certain time, a certain number of enemies Unignore by being rammed. Too much I want but not yet betrayed by the race modes, since I do not want to spoil the surprise. Consider the choices thus simply as varied.
The range of vehicles is not exactly bad, but new, more powerful cars, which you can buy are only enabled if you have a specific condition. I am still not really clear what. In my new vehicles were anyway unlocked simultaneously with the activation of a new territory. Whether it actually is related to the activation of a new area, I can not say because I only unlocked a new area and it may also have been just a coincidence that the vehicles were unlocked at the same time with the territory. The driveability of vehicles extends when choosing from poor to good. Some vehicles oversteering or understeering heavily, so that they have been difficult to grip. Others can handle pretty well. However, one should be at stake is not set to a realistic driving behavior, since the game is also no race simulation, but a Funracer. However, for example, transitions from on-road to off-road are well managed by the vehicles behave accordingly anderst. Since it is a Funracer, I need hardly be mentioned that it is fictional and not lizesierte brands in the vehicles.
The natural disasters in the game, in my opinion, fairly well implemented. In a storm, for example, the trees swaying in the wind.
What is, however, a negative I noticed is that sometimes you can drive through lying on the street branches or you will be catapulted into a comic about ball flight, without a skin from the motorcycle. Actually, it never comes to a real crash, since you every time, just before you go, for example full pot against a tree, automatically gerespawned (reset) is. Therefore, there is no damage model, which constitutes a large drawback in the cathegory of fun with me. I do not understand why no damage model was integrated. In Race Driver Grid, Codemasters had already integrated a really great. Außedem would have a stake in how MotorStorm Pacific Rift, which apart from the open world, and the merit system is quite inden table, can be integrated.
What with me a Minuspumkt's mind still that the vibration function of the pad is not optimal claimed. When offroad drive through open terrain for example, says the vibration function on or not at all sometimes in places where this is misplaced. Only after a jump there times briefly a slight wobbles. The intensity of the vibration function can not adjust the options for the rest.
I hope that these shortcomings be remedied by patches. The game has a really good approach basically. However, there are still those enumerated here defects that significantly tarnish the game.

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