good pedestal with small flaws

good pedestal with small flaws

Logitech N700 Speaker Notebook Stand (Personal Computers)

Customer Review

I ordered this Untensil a few days ago. The delivery by Amazon was another time beyond doubt. Fast and on time.
For product:
The Logitech N700 Speaker Notebook Stand is processed really solid. When I open the box, the device is already completely assembled in a box and only need to be connected to the notebook. You just plug the device is attached to the USB cable into his notebook, waiting (close all multimedia applications, so that the device is recognized as a sound card) short, and a few moments later're ready to go already. I immediately made the sample's example and play the same title once with and once without the device and have to say that with the device a significant (!) Quality improvement was to be heard. The bass is voluminous and the depth of sound is higher than my Notebeook (HP Pavilion dv6700), which according to the manufacturer should provide even good sound through the built-in Altec Lansing speakers. But no comparison with the Logitech. Even I could see that the fan on my laptop now work more quietly, since the center built in Logitech cooler does its work consistently, without being noisy. On the contrary, I hear really only the fan of my notebook, because it is mounted on the top left, where the Logitech does not cool. This is also one of my criticisms. Although the ventilation works smoothly, but (as with most similar devices) placed centrally, where unfortunately the fans of notebooks do not always sit. For this purpose, Logitech puts in two spacers made of silicone, which should ensure that the notebook at the top end can be easily jacked (ie under the screen) to circulate the cool air of the fan underneath the notebook. Opens determined wonderful if one uses its notebook on battery and not static, like me. For then is no battery in the device (for protection against overcharging) and the silicone placeholder grip on one side into the void. Then the notebook wobbles around unnecessarily.
To me it is not yet clear how to get the net-like fabric to clean the device.

Conclusion of my review:
+ Solid workmanship
+ Speed-dial buttons for volume and fan (variable speed not) on / off
+ Very comfortable padding on the bottom
+ Secure positioning erectile Stopper
+ Good, quiet fan
+ Good speakers

- Possibilities for the use of spacers on 2 positions is limited (please put more holes)
- Use a loudspeaker costing permanently a USB port (please HUB block)
- Fabric / upholstery apparently not for a cleaning to remove (I should always put a towel under it?)

All in all a really good device with a few limitations arising always where subjective perception and personal conditions occur. Anyone looking for a notebook holder which is comfortable and has a good sound, is N700 Speaker Notebook holders but well served with Logitech and will certainly enjoy it. :-)

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