Good pillows 2

Good pillows 2

** Action sleep it fit ** Orthopedic pillows Visco Soft Gel, second reference * FREE * to cervical pillow, suitable for covers 40cm X 80cm (80cm x 80cm easy folding), inkl.zwei covers, height 15cm

Customer Review

I have many years of problems with my neck and the cervical spine. Especially in the morning I often hurts the throat and neck area, which often leads to headache / migraine later in the day. Accordingly, I have now bought a very good mattress and even tried or bought already lots of pillows. Definitely already 10 different pillows that I bought for a lot of money and then have all not promised me :-( It is probably really hard to find a perfect pillow.

I sleep mostly on the page, but want to be able sometimes lie comfortably on your back. A pillow should be soft and cuddly to me, but nevertheless based, so you do not by lies up on the mattress. With specially shaped neck pillow I get nothing but headaches. Other Visco pillows, however, are hard as concrete! Only one falls a little and then you lie like a concrete block!

This pillow here is so far the best and currently I sleep on it reasonably well. To peace 100% I am so well still do not, but it is ever more comfortable than my other pillow and so far I have not as extreme pain. I have this cushion from the variant with 12cm height. Have now but the 15cm version taken and brings me more clearly.

This pillow there the way here on Amazon under different names. But they are all absolutely identical. They differ only in the inscription on the pillowcase or sometimes in the material of the pillow cover. The core is always the same but. Here I would therefore simply look at who provides the pillows on the cheap.

Praiseworthy is also the merchant who offers this pillow here on Amazon. Very friendly and courteous service!

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