Good Raclette with room for improvement

Good Raclette with room for improvement

Severin RG 2343 Raclette - Party Grill with natural stone grill, black (household goods)

Customer Review

Moin moin all raclette fans,

we were yesterday, on 27.12.2012, before deciding to have to buy a raclette.

We first went to Media Markt - but who had only one brand of device Tefal, which did not appeal to me from the shelf height - besides, I'd like a thermostat.

I then looked at home again and we finally decided on this model. It seems to me to be here with the bauglich; qid = 1356695232 & sr = 8-1 only that it has a whole natural stone.

We have prefered to take the entire stone, because the coated grill plate from "little brother" can not be stuck easily in the dishwasher.

The device was so ordered yesterday and came by express vor 12 clock at my house on. So as always: Amazon has its logistics under control!

1) The package:

As usual, packed in the Amazon box was undamaged package. By contrast, many reviews of the "little brother", I could not notice any damage to the Styrofoam. The stone slab was neatly packed on the side, making the most of the weight off. Overall, very well packaged.

2) Operation

The stone is unpacked and again thoroughly rinsed under running water and then placed on the holder provided. The whole thing is really self-explanatory. If you wish to preheat the stone in the oven later, can this place well even when hot and unwieldy with oven gloves to the raclette.
So, plug it in, heat knob all night right. After about 30 seconds up on black fumes - but is also in the instructions. The unit should stand around at least 10 minutes at operating temperature in order to evaporate the intrinsic odors. After 2 minutes, nothing more was noticeable and the kitchen smelled back to normal (open window).
In the meantime, I have washed the eight pans and - after the steam was gone - "Baked" also 10 minutes. Here get on no steam.

The manual states that the stone would need about 40 minutes to heat up. It took me 30 minutes and I was able to completely carbonize NEN Parma in 30 seconds ;-)

So I put a kinked Raclette Cheese Slice into pans. I stopped the time. 1:45 later, the cheese was melt and was perfect!
I put the same amount on the outer seats and it took since even entire 3 minutes. A look under's device also shows why:

The heater coil extends only approximately up to the half of the outer pans and then rotates again from. To make matters worse, the spiral in the rounding is not red hot, so here Temperature missing. I think that does not detract from the whole still: First, the inner and outer can "pan holder" exchange from time to time and, secondly, inst Raclette a leisurely meal, where it does not depend on speed. I can live with that.

The pans are excellent coated - the cheese flowed almost all by itself down - a spatula I needed not only. Unfortunately, the pans have no color marking. One should remember where you sat grabs his pan itself. Perhaps a small flaw.

Sorry, no spatulas are. Basically not the problem, since the content flows naturally. Once you but the bottom ham or potatoes are, they will not slide and is required but the spatula. From knife / fork is not recommended here, because coatings are always a bit sensitive. Spatula can be found here at Amazon for 5-8 euros to - a worthwhile investment. I have purchased from Fackelmann for 1.99 / 2 piece yesterday.

Another big advantage of the device: The "insertion hole" is very large. For Raclette fans who fully cut the tiles, a clear advantage. estimated 4-5 cm body height realistic. In comparison, devices with a grill that does not rest but attached to an established (eg in all Tefal raclette without stone), the grill takes its overhang frequently away 1-2 cm. Here is a definite plus, especially in low surface heat well come down.

The device can be a - regulate slider - admittedly somewhat cheap-looking. May issue to the device so that not, it is necessary to pull the plug. Why Severin has done in the way, I do not - it would certainly be worth to install this Centartikel with :-)

3) The exterior

As discussed, the pans are coated super. Also their angular shape ensures a good utilization of the space, one can prove the pans better than the round Raclettes whose pans converge forward slightly conical. The whole device is quite broad and somewhat narrower than a "normal" oval Raclette. The plastic sheath acts unfortunately a bit cheap, but serves its purpose.

The stone is polished on the side to be used. Something nachetilig: The to-use grill surface is provided with a groove all around. As always definitely runs into some fat / juice. Since the groove is not polished but is rough, it can be assumed that you no longer get clean. The surface should be treated with caution. I have turned the ham with a fork and had promptly are NEN mini scratches. I would recommend (to get as Klonprodukt even at IKEA) a plastic spatula or a "Tim Mälzer" calipers. Fat does not need the stone. He let clean very well. The stone will not look like new again so he will look necessarily needed. From my pizza stone I know it that way and it is not harmful - on the contrary, such a patina makes most for a good character :-)

4) Conclusion:

The defects are actually quite small:

- No Farmarkierung to the pan
- Unit can not be turned over control
- No spatula while (nowadays has no Raclette more)
- Weaker "firing" at the Außenpfännchen
- Moderate material impression from her plastic frame

The advantages are not to be despised:

- Really great BBQ area above
- Large insertion opening
- To clean stone super
- Super coating
- A lot of power and a good heating up stone. Does not need the stone, it is ready after 10 minutes.

If you can live with these points, it actually has a 5 * device, which is technically superb and with the stone provides a great alternative to traditional grilling surfaces.
Yet I give 4 stars because when Severin brings out a follow-up model, there should be room for improvement.

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