Good solution, but not overwhelming

Good solution, but not overwhelming

Panasonic SC-NE3EG-K Wireless speakers (40 watts RMS, Bluetooth, DLNA, Airplay, AUX) (Electronics)

Customer Review

First of all: The speaker works as indicated prima with Apple devices and iTunes on Windows. Apple may be since iOS 7 with any app on the speakers play because the controller in the main bar is (from bottom wipe upwards). This all sounds can be easily transfering to the Panasonic box. Tip! Bluetooth also works.

Windows (7) on the other hand on Bluetooth (if you do not just listen with iTunes), which is a shame. But the work for a little fumbling.

+ Design, size
+ Lautsärke directly controlled on the device
+ Phosphor stripes is chic and functional (different colors have different meanings)

To complain I have:

- Instructions:
Yes, some say yes, you do not need them. But as soon as something does not work you need to just yet, and since the Quick Start Guide in bad German ("The iPhone") is in itself not sufficient. The Other White Manual keeps ready a few solutions, but is also upgradeable, even for everyday use, because
- Operation
I ansteuere the box from multiple devices, and the different methods (Bluetooth times, but when it goes up WiFi), I would hope that the box offers Anyway all transmission systems at least at power. But you must have the remote control between Aux (with cable) and Bluetooth toggle (ok), but a button for wireless, there is not. If the box is on, and blue lights, can be controlled more via Wi-Fi, whether now or Aux Bluetooth was activated. But what happens when this blue light is not on? Well, no Verbidnung, not a command to turn on Wi-Fi, where the problem is, I do not know. Frequent changing of the control device it is in any case sometimes cause problems, because the box just does not want to re-connect to the wireless network and (at least in my method) again has to be readjusted. Also a pity that not all possibilities of remote control and on the box itself. The small remote control is determined when moving like flutes times and just after you need it again mandatory for installation.
- Sound Quality
The room where I stand the speaker is about 19 square meters. For music in low volume just about ok, at a louder music (and movies) the Klagerlebnis is rather poor. There are just only 40 watts and not 100, as I am used it to speakers. Optimally this size but for music the way and act as a PC speaker.

Overall, I do not regret the purchase. The speaker offers what I expected. Once more money is available, but it is replaced by an extensible mark system.

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