Good thought, but it remains just a game

Good thought, but it remains just a game

Rocksmith (Incl cable.) - [PC] (computer game)

Customer Review

First of all: I had zero problems with the installation or the sound, even though I have an older computer.

In the first few hours Rocksmith was a lot of fun, because it is done visually beautiful and provides a good sound (even with inexpensive PC speakers).
At the interface you get used to pretty quickly, and it's all going directly to the playing pieces. And since we have the same problem. One is "thrown into the play" directly, ie flying fast all possible notes on too. I had a few years guitar lessons, while we looked at each piece until new chords, riffs, solos or difficult timing points practiced separately, and then assembled everything.
There is no such chance at Rocksmith actually. The reef Repeator Although well intended, but not sufficiently elaborated. Why can I not see the entire piece in tab notation and decide what I want to practice? Why can not I even reduce the speed? When I managed the riffs ONCE, the reef is equal Repeator leave with the comment "You can do it now." What a crap!
The same is with the technique exercises. There will be no foundation, that gives security to grow it further.
The "journey" as the stages are called, is carried out too fast in my opinion. I stumble through a piece of music, doing much wrong, but I am yet qualified for einene appearance. Then I come to really forfeits me constantly, and will be rewarded. As a guest I would throw my beer bottle, if someone as bad as I pretend guitar ;-)
Nevertheless, I have already several climbs behind me, although I can nix really good.
Completely pointless, I find that very early on other guitars, amplifiers and effects units are unlocked.

Conclusion: Rocksmith is a game, not a tutorial for guitar. It comes quickly to gain a lot of fame. For me, music is art. Art comes from "may", plus you have to practice a lot a lot a lot. But practice / play in a lot of Rocksmith will not learn to play the guitar as basics such as stop bars, etc. not be explained.
The only good thing about the last 3 days with Rocksmith was that I dug up my good old Fender Strat out of the closet and beschäfitgt me with her to have the fingers ached. Maybe I should take lessons again, with a real teacher ....

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