Good to very good game

Good to very good game

WWE Smackdown 4 - Shut Your Mouth (Video Game)

Customer Review

Advantages of this game:
-Man Has many wrestlers to choose from
-Getting Wrestler Editor
-The Season Mode motivated because there is a lot to free games
-many possibilities (zB.viele match types and weapons are interactive)
-Riesiger Backstage

-The Moves the wrestlers are very well executed
-ordentliche graphics
Implementation of some types Match weak
(Eg. To Head matches after ten seconds
Its end because the wrestlers the ladder too quickly
climb high or even at Hell in a Cell -match
climb the wrestlers on the cage unnecessarily high and fast
if they fall times of the cage, they do not stay long

enough lying on the ground.)
-Outfits Forehand ends wrestler can not
be edited
- Some wrestlers of the catchment is not completely
- You can set any title's game in Exhibition Mode
-If You look at items has earned in Season Mode, you always have
continue playing with the same wrestler because otherwise all items
get lost.
Conclusion: The Smackdown series is getting better with every game
has geworden.THQ with WWE Smackdown Shut Your Mouth, a
good game delivered .Grafik and sound knowledge to GE
fall. However, it must be connected to the implementation of many types Match
be worked .Arcade fans are of this game
light on love, on the other hand are simulation
Fans not be fully satisfied.
Graphics: 80%
Gameplay: 75%
Sound: 85%

Total: 80%

prima film Rank: 5/5
March 26
Quite successful! Rank: 4/5
February 2
Fair price 1 Rank: 4/5
February 22
Super quiet product! Rank: 5/5
March 18

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