Good vacuum cleaner with pitfalls

Good vacuum cleaner with pitfalls

Philips PowerProUltimate FC9922 / 09 vacuum cleaner (EEK A, bagless, turbo nozzle) copper (household goods)

Customer Review

After haben.Wird now a Dirt Devil V8 used for many years now this banished to the garage. After looking long, I came across the Philips. Criteria for the purchase were.

large rubber wheels
Range of about realistic 10m
large container in comparison to other suckers
economical operation 650 W !!! loss of suction as a 1800W unit
useful accessories (great brush)
5-fold suction on the handle (remote control)
low noise 73dB
chic design

Our carpet with the old vacuum cleaner was to have a comparison once cleaned as usual. After that I went again with the new Philips about it. What since then but still ended up on the dirt and dust in the container has convinced me completely. The Philips picks up where our old vacuum cleaner not got there. The suction power in conjunction with the new bust accomplishes a perfect performance. There's nothing wrong with it.

Empty the tank:
Well that's a little better as the old vacuum cleaner but not as innovative as the AEG UltraCaptic UCANIMAL. Again, the container must deeply into the dustbin so that no dust so. Better but not innovative enough.

Suction power:
The suction force is better than the old sucker at 1/3 the power of our old vacuum cleaner. At Level 2, the suction force is sufficient for us because the brush otherwise so firmly drawn that the same may no longer push efficiently. This, however, depends heavily on the ground. Here, the remote control is a real blessing whose Surcharge is really worth.

The first time I had to listen carefully whether the sucker actually running. The difference unsrem old sucker is already huge. Whereas I have not always überleget Sundays if I by eye quickly, so now plagues me feeling guilty. The sucker is pleasantly quiet, that no one is disturbed in his sleep when Pappa morning by sucking times short.

About Design one can argue well but we agree in the family. The cleaner looks great and feel can be bezeichet as dibasic. To what extent the plastic over the years is durable is the daily show and here Philips must then be measured. Because the price is not exactly cheap so I expect a higher quality than Dirt Devil.

Freedom of movement:
Due to the large wheels of the vacuum cleaner running very light and stable afterwards. On this point, an advance to our old vacuum cleaner. The "strange" at first glance a little handle on the suction pipe has proven to be very practical and useful. The fact that the tube in the handle again horizontally variable is evidence of very meaningful development work and makes the whole thing even easier händelbar or flexible. The long power cable ensures that we reposition with 1x come through the entire floor. The cable can be unrolled very easily and is also fed back perfectly. Again, time will tell how long it stays that way. The remote control makes sure that you do not always towards sucker for adjusting or suction bend over on / off, you must turn. That's a great thing especially since no special hose with integrated cable is necessary then. The remote control works with 2x AAA batteries. So far I have the on / off button on the vacuum cleaner still not used because I only use the remote control.

The associated supplied material is appropriate and of good quality. The plastic is not as hard as our old vacuum cleaner so you can start from lower book risk. The small upholstery brush can be as usual divided into two parts. Here it should be mentioned that the locking of the two parts is carried out well and as an unintentional release, as in the old sucker, belongs to the past. Two parts (small brush and narrow nozzle) can be attached to the handle with a separate holder. The floor brush has on both sides slightly protruding busts. With because you can "reverse" class in corners and knew. Even slightly adhering dirt is thus immediately absorbed in a train. The only complaint is the easy hoe celled changeover between panel and carpet setting.

Height and weight:
The vacuum cleaner is to my mind not too big but according to the tank volume dimentioniert (506 x 310 x 317 mm). The weight of the empty teat meets the usual values ​​6.2 kg. Just is not a table vacuum cleaner.

A really good vacuum cleaner with many details. The price of this model of Philips is already quite steep. But if one takes the performance offered against it so the price is OK. I would recommend him. The long-term quality and robustness to be seen. Here I will report on in due course.

Update March 2015:

After I have the sucker now uses a time report from daily practice. After initial enthusiasm, I regret to adjust the valuation and depreciate by 5 to 3.5 stars. The reasons for this I would like to briefly explain.

1. The cyclone technology used here tends to clog the hair of my 3 women. That I have often in the dirty container grab to remove the blockage. That was never the case with my V8 Dirt Devil.

2. With heavier utensils (marbles, beads and other) the cleaner does partly difficult because the parts are not quite shoehorned into the Behäter but remain in the anteroom. The result is the same as under point 1 above.

3. The vacuum cleaner has a filter that must be washed regularly. That's OK. However, this polluted to such an extent (we have no more dirt as in the days of the old sucker, ok the cleaner also brings more dirt from the carpet like the old vacuum cleaner), that cleaning is a real Sauerrei. This was our old V8 Dirt Devil not to this extent the case. Here you had to but also wash out is not such a dirty game by her handling. I like to explain why. When Dirt Devil I can lower the whole container incl. Foam filter into the bin and emptied there. Then the coarsest dirt equals in the ton. At Philips the filter is attached to the vacuum cleaner housing. Even the expansion of the first dirt falls directly into the space of the container. Not a very nice solution. To build the sucker on the ton apart is impractical.

Overall, we are what the suction and daily handling concerns continue to be very satisfied. Only constipation from time to time and the cumbersome and dirty cleaning of the fine filter are annoying.

Switch to high quality Rank: 5/5
January 28
Grito de libertad! Rank: 5/5
May 19
big enough 2 Rank: 2/5
January 10
Quick easy ... 2 Rank: 2/5
January 30
Ceramic stove 1 1 Rank: 4/5
December 17

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