Gourmet cuisine on the tablet (t)

Gourmet cuisine on the tablet (t)

Monument Valley (App)

Customer Review

The adjective "Fantastic" is too often hard, but here meets this adjective in any possible significance. The game is unlike any that I know (and there are quite a few). This is for me by far the best, most artistic, most intellectual app on the android market (I do not say this: the best, that would be too broad and subjective). Despite the beauty it brings also a lot of fun if you like knobelt about devious, but always strictly logical and absolutely detachable puzzles.

Anyone who has ever wanted to head over to run around in the famous drawings of MC Escher, is right here. One can take all leisure in the world to marvel at the optical illusions and perform upgrades. There are no dead ends or lost lives, in a few places with the crows a little bit timing is required, but hardly anyone will take more than two tests for it. Toll way: The light bulb moment when you realize that the crows are nothing more than negative images of their own character.

True, the game is relatively short, but intense and high replayability. I personally go games with more than 1000 levels, of which I have some, sometimes on my nerves. Dear quality than quantity. It's a bit as if you wanted to compare fast food and star cuisine. The latter is a lot more effort and therefore is usually not in Riesenportionen.Und course there is the haute cuisine is not for nothing, good work has its - here very fair! - Price. It takes idealism to create something special, who produces mass-market scrap has more income and less risk.

Who just nowhere near imagining how much brain power and hard work goes into processing such an application will cease, "in-app purchases" whining about. There is no yes forced to buy additional chapters, let alone when he could not find the main chapter well. And also: Had the "Forgotten Shores" released as a separate app, instead choose to praktischwerise back here, no one would complain determined. As it sounds again the tiresome "Mimimi, I should pay what? Insolence, but I will give only one star, the App is anyway much too boring". People going but candy crush, but spared this artwork with unqualified Reviews.

I have, after I got the app sometimes as free offer, now buy not only the Forgotten Shores, but am also the merchandising Link followed at the end and will probably invest in a nice set of postcards. If this is too expensive, can indeed use the useful photo feature in the app and save their favorite scenes and print. And wait to see if there are other sequels - I'll definitely be back again.

Planter 100 cm dark brown Rank: 3/5
June 25
Loads good but cable not last long Rank: 3/5
February 19
Plenty of storage space Rank: 5/5
September 1
very effective to shine Rank: 5/5
August 18
lasort Rank: 5/5
March 5
Simply a great name in literature! Rank: 5/5
February 18

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